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  1. Very good!!! 11 years wow! I just started accutane... now i realize I should not take my adult one a day sour gummy vitamins because it does have vitamin A. lol so far so good just pretty tired in afternoons... dry eyes too. Don't be a stranger, btw :)

  2. Leet great to hear from you its been a while. That's great news I knew you had it in you a little later this month I reach my 11th year. Keep strong Leet.

  3. hey are you still around???? I hope all is well! Send me a hello or something :) Just passed 3 years. WOW

  4. Good old Leet its been a while so great nearly 2 years clean never let it end I got ten years next month.

  5. Hey are you still around? approaching my 2 years off heroin! hell yeah!

  6. Freaking awesome! whoooo! hehehee

  7. Leet I'm so proud of you I got 9 years clean last month. my acne treatments for flawless skin is almost done to.

  8. hi! Yes I passed my 1 year clean on... April 26th! I found a wonderful man and he is way better than the last- actually a complete 180 degree from the last... He is wonderful... i honestly cannot put it into words. how are you?

  9. You are in so much pain I wish I could do something for you.

    Hang in there and have hope.

  10. They won't appear on any proactive commercials that's for sure.
  11. Leet I just know you did reach a year sober. keep fighting the darkness you are a true warrior.

  12. What a beautiful title to a topic and that's the way to think make things right once the worse is over you have come a long way.
  13. yo my man..you go on accutane?