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    80s hair-metal, punk, horror punk, ska, funk, rockabilly! Horror films, horror literature, playing guitar, photography, fashion, making things, gigs, family guy, most haunted and all things paranormal, sex and the city, and socialising esp down ye olde pub! LOL

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  1. Ghoulypants

    Month 4

    Okay so this is me after just getting up with no make-up on (eeek!) As you can see, very red face. No spots, just red and dented scars.
  2. How Im getting on and progressing with Isotretinoin!
  3. Hey there, i left u a comment on your turnabout dance, but i forgot to ask, were you wearing benefit foundation that particular night and if so, what one was it (i dont mean the colour) Ive not tried it before but it looks amazing on you and I might give it a try!? Cheers xx

  4. I know youre not meant to wax ur legs whislt on accutane or isotretinoin (thats what im on) But would i be able to wax "downstairs"...im on 40mg a day and have only been on it for a month. Or should i just stick to the annoying hassle and after effects of shaving? Cheers xxxx
  5. Cheers for the heads-up on make-up bargains! LOL Any advice on what to do about the dry lips thing? Mine are SO bad, all cracked and hard and bloody and raw: '( even though i apply buckets of vaseline :( xx

  6. Youre meant to put the lemon juice on your hair and sit out in the sun BUT it will really mess up your hair making it super dry as the citrus stripes out all the oil. Id avoid doing it and get it done at a salon and be sure to deep condtion it everyime you wash it! xx

    p.s 80s rock = <3!!

  7. Ghoulypants


    You might 'av some scars but youre not ugly! Plus you could get a chemical peel or lazer treatments, n i read some of your blogs too, looks like you could do with some councilling?Your doc would be able to help with that Youve come this far, donnae give up yet!! xx
  8. Lots of make-up and hiding out of the main lights...cheating I know haha but nothing too improved just yet as Im only on week 3!
  9. Left side of my cheek - week three on Isotretinoin
  10. Right side of my cheek - week three on Isotretinoin
  11. WEEK 3 ISOTRETINOIN Okay so this is just after getting up. As you can see my skin is very red and my lips are super cracked so im having to pile on vaseline and E45. Everything is so dry and sore but the lumps have gone down!
  12. Hey there! Had a quick look through your blog and at your pics and you skin is looking really amazing! Its given me alot more confidence in my meds, just hope it improves as much as yours! xx

  13. Okay so ive been using Isotetrinoin for just over two weeks now, my lips are sooooo so crusted and dry that they are splitting and bleeding. ive been piling on vaseline and blistex and E45 but nothing is easing the pain or healing them! My nose inside is all crusty and cracked too, it looks discusting and hurts loads, its really burny! What can i do to get rid of the dead dry skin and ease the pain? My bf wouldnt kiss me BEFORE it got this bad so he certainly wont want to get near me on sat when
  14. Eyeliner and foundation ALWAYS! Cant go anywhere without the foundation. Sad isnt it
  15. Well i donnae know what/if there is anything to cover the bumps as im still searching! BUT a really good make up is Clarins matte multi teint eclat OIL FREE foundation. Its £22 but it covers really well! I usually put a thin base coat on first then do my eye-make up then go back and put another coat of foundtaion on top of that. Really blend it in well and make sure you dont do it too thick as you donnae want it to look cakey!! As long as you dont touch your face, you shouldnt really need a tou