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  1. WOW........ so THIS is what's causing my bad skin.

    Acne and poor skin quality has haunted me since I was 14. It has caused torturous amounts of emotional pain. I remember a time when I was talking with a girl at 20 years old, my paranoia took a vertical spike and caused me to wash my face 5 times per day and cake on topical medication at night. I wanted it to go away so badly. Little did I know, that destroyed my face... permanently. It baffled me that the rest of the skin on my body looks beautiful, but my face...... it l
  2. It is embarrassing to say that I've never had a girlfriend. There is only one thing I regret in my life so far. ..And that's not pursuing any girls. From a young age in kindergarten. I would play around with girls and put my hand on the laps of the girls I find pretty. (Is it sexual harassment if a toddler does it? lol) Yes, even as a toddler I liked girls. I moved from one crush to another. Admiring from a distance. Like a creep lol.. I was even madly infatuated with one girl in my phys
  3. It has been quite a while since I've written a blog regarding my skin condition. Over the past couple of years, I've narrowed it down to a few simple things I do to my skin. I've narrowed it to three combined personal reasons why my skin looks as bad as it does. 1) Diet A bad diet can indirectly cause an increased production of sebum and inflammation of the skin. I've had a horrible diet ever since I was a young child and diet was probably the leading trigger that pushed me towards this
  4. Sleep makes a huge difference.

    When I sleep adequately, 8 hours per day plus a short nap, my skin looks noticeably better. Plus it doesn't cost anything but your time. But it's time well spent! You have almost nothing to loose and much to gain. Cycles of hormones is largely effected by circadian rhythm, sleep well = hormones are well. Less stress, cortisol aggravates acne. When you sleep too much I notice my skin looks worse, 9HRS+ When I sleep in irregular patterns, like long naps or irregular hours, my skin looks worse. Du
  5. Yes this treatment would most likely be applying the virus to the skin. I doubt it's harmful to us, only to the acne causing bacteria. Maybe it would live on your skin forever lol. Not sure if it would need to be reapplied though. I think it will be available around 3 to 10 years. I hope it's doesn't take too long for them to make it available for us. It sure feels great to have hope.
  6. I found this great article! It seems like p.acnes is a major culprit of acne, and they found a way to get rid of it for good. I hope this treatment comes out soon so I can try it. Acne, the scourge of young adulthood, may soon go the way of the dodo—at least, that is what those plagued with pimples hope will be the case now that scientists have discovered a group of viruses that targets and kills bacteria that cause acne. Current antibiotics used to treat acne cannot target specific types

  8. Do pretty people earn more? Psychology of pretty girls
  9. LoL I find that the site helps with emotion A LOT more. Dermatologists.. only provide drugs and medication -_-.
  10. Yes, I totally agree with it being caused from self-fulfilling prophecy. Caused by low self confidence level. And the reason for their low self confidence is because of their perceived lower attractiveness. BUT remember, these are aggregates of data, and are merely pointing out the bulge on the graph where most people reside. It fails when explaining individuals cases. For example, From research.. they find most CEOs are tall.. but you can still find really short ones.
  11. hello icdancer!

    I'm trying to get rid of my oily skin.

    I'm wondering if you had any luck.

    The only thing that gets rid of my oily skin is cool temperature, dove soap, BP and not washing.

  12. Hello Starlite!

    No you haven't answered me.

    wow thanks for the information!

    Unfortunately I am a student and don't have money for laser.

    I love learning from people who have more experience than I.

  13. I like to chat, if you want..

    add me on msn :)

    [email protected]

  14. Yes, maybe he likes you. Personally, I don't stare at girls if I like them. But I know people who do! I have yet to meet a person who BLATANTLY stares at acne...
  15. I LOVE my dermatologist! He has very low dim lights in the waiting room!