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  1. I saw this thread and wanted to give a word of caution. I have been in the medical / dental field for 15 years now. An abscess is a sign of infection with an underlying cause. Cavity in a tooth, possible need of a root canal (sensitivity of hot / cold is a symptom of nerve damage), etc. Five months ago at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ a young man age 25 came in complaining of pain in his leg. My best friend is an ultrasound tech and was asked to evaluated the patient. Long story
  2. Merle Norman, Power base foundation. It's more like a cream - has zinc oxide in it which helps acne skin. Gives opaque coverage for flaws, and scars. $15 last a long time and wears until you remove it.
  3. I was on minocycline 100mg daily for 7 months which ended June of 2008. I had blood work which confirmed I had high levels of Candida (more than double the normal range - under .9 mine was 1.9) I'm now on antifungals and a Candida diet for the next 6 months to combat the overgrowth of yeast. I'm 5 weeks in and my skin is 85% clear - even after 7 months of minocycline I was not this clear! I also developed Melasma - hyper-pigmentation on my face directly linked to Minocycline - 5 months int
  4. Thanks for the reply 242! I personally along with many others have tried HQ and incurred further darkening. If you read up you will find that although HQ will at times (not for me) lighten the pigment you will rebound darker in the future. Also Melasma is either caused by candida, stress, birth control, trauma in the skin or high levels of copper in your body. Lasers has caused the spreading of Melasma in many individuals. Two good resources are found at Melacor.net and in the forums of Ski
  5. I like L'Oreal double extend tubes a lot. I've used it about 7-9 days so far and it doesn't smear or flake, the best part it comes off easy which is good for anti-aging purposes. (You don't want to be hard on your eye area.)
  6. There are many labs that perform the test. One of them is called ALCAT. Just google it. My primary care doctor did a comprehensive food panel it was $1275.
  7. Yep, I've been doing this. If I only use Vitamin E I break out so I use a drop or two from a capsule of Vitamin E and Vitamin C serum. The Vitamin C keeps me clearer than Dan's BP. I purchase mine from Makeup Artisit Choice. I only buy the sample since Vitamin C goes bad quickly. I tried lemon, however for me it made my marks look irritated.
  8. Hello Willow, I was wondering if I could get your input. My background – have mild facial acne, moderate back acne, and some form of folliculitis. I was diagnosed by 7 dermatologists with acne vulgaris, or folliculitis on my chest, upper arms and neck. Over the years I have used Accutane – which only cleared my chest about 50% for about a month after 6 months of tx. Minocycline cleared it, with weekly TCA peels. Vivant products don’t work, AHA only helps, Nizoral helps a little, sulf
  9. This is what I've been doing for my bacne which is much improved. Washing my back with baking soda in the shower and after toweling off spraying apple cider vinegar / water (ratio 1:1) on my back. Allow it to dry (use a blow dryer if you are in a rush), after it dries you will not smell the acv. I've used many things on my back...this has helped the most. I've used it for 6 weeks and I don't really have any new spots. Some times I use aha at night. Hope this helps some one!
  10. I've done 2 so far and will be starting my next one this week. My colonics therapist recommends: The amazing liver & gallbladder flush by Andreas Moritz. Although you may see improvement after one cleanse most of us need any where from 8-12 cleanses to clean out our livers. I've been on accutane 2x, and minocycline, doxy, etc. My skin is improving, but I just wanted to let you know it's not a quick fix. And yes this is one of the best cleanses out there from my research and I highl
  11. I'm sure at first, but what I'm certain of is I would never take bc again. In total I took 5 years of pills (every brand) and 2 years of depo shot. Worse mistake ever....it caused my period to become irregular, spotting, and that's when my chest acne began. My hormones are now so unbalanced. I've been off bc for over 4 years and I'm still having problems. Second mistake, taking antibiotics for acne. It may help short-term, but long-term it causes problems. Just my view anyway.
  12. Hate to admit this to all… I have a natural medical encyclopedia (Similar to the one in Whole Foods). Under the Rosacea section they list skin mites as the cause for those who are vitamin b deficent. My holistic doctor diagnosis me with rosacea since I am vitamin b deficient. Apparently everyone has skin mites, but those of us who are deficient in vitamin b can host an abnormal level of the mites in our skin. (My vitamin b count was extremely low.) I not saying I truly buy into this, bu
  13. Hi Everyone - this is a long read...SORRY! My background… My past medications were every topical on the market, prescriptions, accutane 2x and mincocycline. Only the minocycline helped, however, within a week after a 7 month treatment my acne was back. I’ve been so depressed with my body acne that I was on a mission to find a cure or some improvement. I visited an allergist, 2 different primary doctors, colonist therapist and finally last week I was referred to a holistic doctor which w
  14. Okay, so I found someone who looks almost like me in acne and pictures. I tried head & shoulders for weeks and it helped with redness but not new acne. I started a new regime which is working very nicely and I will continue for at least 6 months. I went to my GYN for my annual appointment who noticed my acne on my chest and back. She asked me why my face was 100% clear and I told her well, that's because I use baking soda as a cleanser & ACV as my toner. She then said, Why don't you