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  1. I say BP FTW!!!~ \^-^/ Salicylic acid sounds too... acidy XD lol it almost sounds like hydrocloric acid =X since their both acids >_> don't mind me :3 just making my 10th post hopefully -.- Im just being weird ._.
  2. Sorry if Im spamming topics and posting a bunch of topics I just wish to reach the 10th post so I can chat and discuss these matters more efficiently rather then keep posting stuff and wait for replies and such :3 so... does replying counts as a post ?
  3. wow thats interesting o.O kewl I learned something new =D thank you ^^b
  4. Im not stoned >_>; its just I tend to over think thats all :3
  5. I have oily skin also and I was wondering how often should we change our pillow cases ? cause I don't want bacteria to grow on my pillow case or whatever so my pores don't clog >_>;
  6. Woah o.O great insight on clearing acne I never thought about that to till now perhaps I should buy a air purifier/fan that I see on tv alot :3 it does make sense how bacteria does travel through air and what you posted here made me think it might just work XD thnx ^^/
  7. I think Acne is a huge conspiracy type thing created by the government as a virus type disease or what ever as an economical asset. For example: Economy sucks and government needs to create jobs and stuff to keep the world running smoothly so the government allows disease's and sickness or virus's that does not kill people into the world so that the world can benefit from a market of acne type medicine and create oppurtunities to keep the economy going. From releasing this acne into the worl
  8. This may sound like a silly question but does types of clothing effect acne ? o.O I mean, does the material for example: cotton, nylon, or polyester have any effect on acne ? To be honest I like nylon/polyester type clothing cause its loose and breathable :3 and I think it has an effect on my mild back acne =X cause I when I think about it... alot of products which are hypoallergenic type stuff prevent allergic reaction, so if picking at our face is an irritation then perhaps we can compare it t
  9. I have a topic which I wish to discuss :3 Does anyone have any idea what kind of fruit or vegitable or any type of food in general have good amount of zinc in it ? ^^; Cause I read that Zinc helps with inflammatory.