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  1. Out of interest what dosage was you on? was it a low dosage and also what type of acne did you have was it mild and mostly blackheads or other? I mostly have blackheads like atsguy has mostly on my nose and cheeks and I would say it is worse than his. I've tried probably all Topicals without success and I'm thinking accutane is my only hope now. Thanks
  2. It's called Trichostasis spinulosa, I read about it myself a while back somewhere.
  3. I used the gel and never had a problem with it, not that it helped me but there you go. Get a couple of samples and see what you think.
  4. To cut a long story short I have very congested pores on my cheeks, forehead, chin and predominantly the nose of which every pore has some sort of plug in it. I've used most stuff; duac, Zineryt etc with no success at clearing it up. The last topical I was given to use was Isotrex (Isotretinoin gel for those who don't know), I used it for 4 months with absolutely no improvent so I gave up using it. I've been prescribed Retin A now by my derm but from my understanding Retin A is essentially the s
  5. I have been using the gel at 0.05% and still no improvement. I haven't yet tried tazorac which would probably be the next option but to be honest I don't even want to use any more retinoids especially learning that tazorac is the highest strength retinoid I don't think my skin could take that type of a beating anymore, I'm worried it will do more harm than good. I was offered accutane by my derm before she gave me retin-a but told her I would prefer to try other things first. I have another appo
  6. thanks for the replys, I have stopped using the retin-a for a couple of weeks now but I'm not sure whether to stop using it all together because in the 3 and half months I have been using it I have seen absolutely no improvement at all in my skin. My problem is very clogged pores on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, literally every pore on my nose is clogged with a blackhead. I'm very frustrated that there has been no improvement so I'm wandering if I should keep on perservering with it or jus
  7. Is it normal for this happen when on topical retinoids? been using isotrex for the past 3 & half months and I'm finding that as soon as I splash water on my face it turns red. It does go back to normal within 10-15 mins but am a little worried about this.
  8. Thanks for the reply LionQueen, to be honest I wish I would have ditched it a long time ago myself but sort of didn't know what else to get. Anyway, what cleanser would you recommend? I have looked at the one's on Paula Begoun's site and this was recommended for blackhead prone skin: http://www.paulaschoice-eu.com/shop/product.asp?pid=214, but looking at the ingredients I see there is Sodium Laureth Sulfate which if i'm correct is a known Comedogenic? I was also reading a magazine article and re
  9. Been using Isotrex (Isotretinoin USP 0.05%) for the last 3 months and it hasn't done barely anything. My problem is blackheads mainly on my nose but also on my cheeks and forehead, had them since I was about 20-21 (25 now). Every single pore on my nose has a blackhead in it and it looks disgusting. I have just started using Paula's choice BHA gel 2% but what i'm wandering is shall I just stop using the isotrex as it hasn't done anything or should I use it with the BHA gel? I haven't really got m
  10. Cast


    You could try using a sunscreen called P20. It's aimed at people who don't tan very easily. Haven't really had the opportunity to try it myself but sounds promising! read more at: www.p20.co.uk/
  11. If you are going to layer the two products, you need to wait at least 30 minutes before applying the Clindamycin on top of the NuCelle. That will give the mandelic the time it needs to penetrate the skin and exfoliate the pores. Instead of switching, why not try using both? The 10% GoW mandelic is pretty mild, and your skin should be well adjusted to the BHA gel by now. You could use the gel at night and mandelic in the AM, for example. Are you sure they are milia? More likely to b
  12. While were on the topic of washing with tap water just wandering, does it actually make a difference if you wash with warm or cold water? because if it does and you were to use bottled water it is more than likely going to be at best room temperature unless of course you stored it in boiler room or cupboard. But would this also be detremental to the water if it were to be stored in a warmer condition?
  13. This is my first post, been in the background for a while trying to take everything in (so much!) anyway I'll try to keep this post as short as I can. My problem is mainly blackheads on my face particualy my nose, very deep ones, had them for about 4 years gradually getting worse. My derm prescribed me a retin-a called Isotrex which i've been using for the past 8 weeks (first month once at night then second once in morning and once at night) and I'm not really seeing any improvement. My question