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  1. Yo thepuddlebug, also canadian. Please consider a log, I seriously annoy myself over the fact that I didn't keep up with my first log but yeah. Acne is like...this weird battle you can't exactly predict winning? I mean, we may be on Accutane but we know it isn't the end yet. I plan on being completely paranoid once off the drug. Even 10 years post drug I will be paranoid. Because, I've already had acne for like...15 years? so. Yeah. Anywho. We may have a similar type of acne. Hi Lindseym! Ext
  2. Wow. You're like...such a great example of the drug working. I sincerely hope you never have to do another round (ahem, as I currently am). PS. Congrats on the engagement btw!! It's always hard to have someone say you'll grow out of it, but at 23, you're pretty solid in choosing to go on accutane.
  3. DAY 16 OHHH. Lips so dry and I'm slowly rubbing all the skin off the face. Augh, I have to stop touching it. Also, pretty sure it's flaring in conjunction with my period but not positive. It could be IB. - Super Dry lips - Face peeling and general body dryness - Cysts...augh, and a bunch of pimples of the white/puss type all around the mouth (normally I don't get these due to religious bp...but, sigh, cannot) - Major muscle aches and pains from like...sleeping wrong? All over. QUESTI
  4. DAY 9 DRY SKIN: all over face and lips. Makeup is getting hard to apply due to the shedding. Though, I do get a tiny bit of oil by the end of the day. ACNE: Yep, little pimples mostly. Larger ones pop on their own ish. SIDE EFFECTS: nada cept dryness. I'm moisturising and lip balming but I'm always thirsty. Pics from...yesterday? Early morn after washing face. *** Not that anyone cares...all these pics are post face washing...so, yeah, my hair looks greasy to me, it's just wet. Haha.
  5. Yea. Got scarring. Actually...I don't even notice those without scarring anymore because my mind only seems to focus on those who are like me. But yeah, FB is the worst, that's really where I can't help but notice. Sigh. I plan on doing everything I can to remove the deeper scars once I've killed the cysts.
  6. DAY 6 So glad I started on the 1st, makes these logs easy for the first month. Anywho. Gotta call my derm about the strength training, gah, forgot. Which is really worrying me. I've been forgetting a lot of stuff...but again, it was from prior to the tane. OILY/DRY: Face feels less oily in the T zone, normal level dryness on the hands, etc. Simply waiting for that terrible dry period. ACNE; Erm, have had like 3 large angry pimples (cyst style) on my right shoulder, and back (upper left
  7. Well...I tell myself that my scars accentuate my face, they create all these shadows under my cheekbones and make them look bigger. Sometimes I say I'll get some of the deeper ones hidden up by a tattoo...overall I'm not too concerned unless other people are concerned, and in those few instances I'll suddenly see all the scars in a harsh light, but that doesn't last long. I don't have the answers because I've actually got a generally healthy approach to my severe acne. But I can pin point one go
  8. Thanks igotyouu! Yeah, I'd hoped that my previous round would prevent the nausea (I actually don't recall having this as an issue the last time). My fingers are crossed that I'm one of the lucky few who never have to take this again.
  9. DAY 4 Significant wave of nausea right after popping the tane. Drinking lotsa water but have a headache and am tired. Edit: Nausea/stomach irritability with all three meals I had today...sigh.
  10. Hi! Similar boat here, I'm not sure if any of this nuclear-level medication will work but, meh. You may want to avoid anything but the gentlest lotions and cleansers, BP is usually too harsh on accutane. I just started my course around the same time. Dunno if we have the same type of acne though. Good luck! I'll be keeping an eye out.
  11. Hey! I started a little after you, this is my 2nd round. Good luck! You may want to get this moved into the Accutane Logs. I highly recommend tracking progress and updating!
  12. hey, we've got similar stats. I'm also on my second course. I noticed you do have some scarring near your temples and jawline, is that from before your first round? Or did you continue getting cyst post accutane?
  13. Hi! I had similar issues of my face not seeming clear until about 4 months into taking accutane. I have no idea why...people react differently. I'm just jealous of the ones who get thier IB and then clear up by like...month 2. I have a question about joint pain, btw (you mentioned you lift) how'd you get around it?
  14. DAY 3 GENERAL: My skin had cleared up a little right before starting my course because my first derm had given me antibiotics and they'd begun working quickly (I think, that or it was the mountain of avocados I ate or like my hormones clearing my skin so as to attract a mate). MIND: I've already let everyone know that I am prone to moodiness on this thing and hopefully it won't be like that this time. OILY/DRY : normal levels all over my T zone, i.e. very oily. Hands/feet are dry c
  15. Hey, I'm sorry to hear that the Accutane didn't lead to a perfect "fix". I'm on my 2nd course and pretty sure that I'm in the same boat as you, or will be once I finish my course. Did you find that the tane cut the severity of your acne down every time you tried it? Did it reduce the overall oil production of your skin?