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  1. Hi guys Sorry I haven't been back here for a while, just found the questions! So here goes answering a couple: A derm prescribed me Spiro, but my script has been refilled by my GP since. From memory it was about 2 weeks before the oiliness started to lessen, and the cystic acne stopped after about a month. Then it all tapered off after about 6 months...9 months I got a big one out of the blue. But it gets easier. I plan to take spiro until I want to think about starting a family, then I'll
  2. It was about a good 7 months for it to really kick in for me. Don't, don't, don't give up!!! It was the best thing I ever did!
  3. Hi all It's been a while since I've been here, or updated my blog on Spiro. Basically...my skin is perfect. I can say, without a doubt, Spiro worked 100% for me. Wanted to stop by though and talk about Spiro and hairloss. After about 9 months on Spiro, I noticed some strange new baby-short-and-fine hair growing on my hairline on my forehead. I knew Spiro was used to stop hairloss and generate new hair, so thought 'awesome!'. Then about 5 or so months ago, I noticed my hair started shedding
  4. For me the opposite has been true. I sleep better (and earlier) than I did before. The only time I get insomnia now is before my period, but that's always been the case.
  5. Hi It certainly didn't clear me up right away. I'm nearly 4 months in an only just starting to see some really pleasing results. It often takes that or longer apparently to really see great drastic improvement. The nodule could simply be the shift in hormones starting Spiro has caused - once you get past that it will probably level out again and you'll be on your way. Spiro really is a test of patience - but worth it for so many, you have to give it the best shot you can!
  6. Hi I didn't have an initial breakout. The nature of my pimples changed, but i didn't really get more of them. Alot of people i've heard of getting one have paired their spiro with a retinol (Differin or Retin-A etc), and started both at the same time. Retinols are notorious for the IB, so i reckon that's the culprit sometimes. But everyone's different. Good luck!
  7. That's awesome girl! Especially since I remember you posting around your 3 month mark (where I am now), saying it had done absolutely nothing for you - that gives me hope because I'm still struggling! Thanks x
  8. So i've been on Spiro for 3 months now, and while alot of progress has been made, i'm still breaking out heaps. I'm starting to lose hope that this is going to work for me. Do I need to be more patient? I'm nervous because the majority of success stores i've read say that it's well and truly kicked in by 3 months...yet mine still seems to be 3 steps forward, 2 steps back Anyhow, just needed to share.
  9. What you're describing is hormonal acne - very hard to treat as it's deep under the skin and unfortunately can leave scarring. As it's only just emerged for you I imagine it could be due to the shift in your hormonal chemistry since you've started BCP. They will take about 3-4 months to level out once you shift them. In the meantime, try not to irritate your skin further with harsh products. Maybe go bac and see the Dr who prescribed the pill also, just to check if this is normal or not.
  10. Hi there I've just stopped taking zinc after about 9 months. It didn't seem to be helping all that much and like you I wasn't sure what havoc it was potentially playing with my hormones. Zinc definitely interects one way or another with your body's hormonal chemistry, and so to eliminate any confusion about what may or may not be working for me I stopped. Everyone's hormones are different and you never know what the addition of something like this will do. Another thing - 100mg is ALOT. I rese
  11. Your body will go on producing androgens. Androgen blockers only block them, they won't stop their production (although some such as Spiro can inhibit it's production, but you'll never stop producing them completely. That's biologically impossible). But - your body won't store them up for later either. The androgens your body produces will circulate around your body, but when it comes to your sebaceous glands, they won't be able to 'hook' onto them. It's as if the androgen is a car and has ente
  12. Hey Laura! Welcome and good luck with the Spiro. I also find it comforting to read comments and communicate with people in the same boat. My fingers are crossed for you
  13. Well, the middle of my cycle (2 weeks after my period, 2 weeks or so before my next one) is always really crap for my skin, so I can't say i was too surprised when i got a cyst (my first since starting Spiro). It was a bit smaller than normal though, and I think it's healing faster...my skin's turned around 80% or so in the past week! Crazy! This time last week I was covered in little pimples that didn't worry me too much, a couple of whiteheads, then that emerging cyst. Happy now that i've re
  14. I just got over my rocky patch and I'm feeling good again. I went out last night and everyone was taking photos...looked at them this morning and my skin looks sooooo smooth! Still have a few red dots on my nose at the moment though. But onwards and upwards I hope...