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  1. I dont know if this is the optimal way but it works for me. I too started B complex when I started tane and my hair is growing like crazy (way more than before tane...) and I take my b complex in the morning and tane in the evening.
  2. Hey all Ive been on tane for about 2 months now, 40 mg/day, all my acne is gone but ive noticed a couple of things happening to my body, would be nice to now if anyone of you tane or post tane users have (or have definatly not) experienced the same. Should mention im way past the 'severe dryout phase' in the beginning and my facial skin is now very smooth and not even flaking anymore. But: My veins (mainly on arms) are much more visable My face looks more swollen(not flaky or red), cant see t
  3. My acne did actually get better at the begining of this year through antibiotics which I am still on. But before this happened I literally forced myself out the door and down the street and into town or whatever. I knew I was working on my acne and that eventually it might get better and that gave me some hope. I also have one or two friends who have acne and who do brilliant for themselves and are great people, I've never spoken to them about their acne but just noticed that they are much stron
  4. Sebastian, I got chills when I red what you wrote because its an exact copy of my life and feelings...
  5. Yes I see the same thing! Remember getting a big relief when I discovered that everyone looks ugly in those mirrors (thought it was just me) when I look at someone standing next to me in the elevator they always look much more ugly in the mirror than when I look directly at them in the same light, so the mirror is definatly not showing what others see due to reflected lightning or something. Even people with flawless skin look like they have ugly old saggy skin in alot of elevator mirrors and su
  6. Oh I feel for you so much! I lost the best guy I ever met because of this hell too. Was into him like crazy and he showed so much interest. But I was just too scrared/felt too bad about my skin so I broke it off before it even started, gah so painful to think about now! Really hope you manage to hold on to yours tho... somehow... Im starting accutane soon and I definatly think you should consider it to, because life and love is not worth wasting
  7. I feel the same Even when Im at home I cant concentrate on things, tv, books etc because this thought of my skin always hangs around in the back of my head depressing me. I could easily cry for hours if i just let myself, just by thinking about it. My mood is 100% directly linked to my skin and it feels like everyday that goes by in isolation is just snatched away from me to no use. I cant even understand how I manage to live this way without taking my own life when it feels like I have soo muc
  8. Yes I did and even asked my dermo about it and she said I was probably just imagining. I gained a little weight after the course but its really hard to say what happened after because right after the course I started weightlifting and working out alot making my apetite increase more than before so thats what I figured was the reason for the extra weight, and it might very well have been too. But ive got friends who have taken tane before claiming they eat less while on it.
  9. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CORRECTING ME GUYS! I appreciate it ALOT I completly understand how fucking frustrating it must be to you who know the facts when someone uninformed comes and prints some bs he or she believes to know is the truth. I have now deleted my post so that people wont get false hope in this important issue. I only red this first post from the thread about hairloss ( http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t=0&start=0 ) wich was a big misstake. I should have done mo