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  1. I know this is an old post, but in north New Jersey is Dr Rappaport, he pretty much does everything, actually he was the first to offer subcision in the tri state area.
  2. Dude because of you i booked a Fraxel Re-pair.Your success is inspiring and thats just one repair!! Dudley has done three and he is happy with the results.I think i would'nt do anything for a few more months as your skin is still remodeling.I would do a second in one years time,your getting there,this has been one of the best to date.
  3. Thanks Ernie,that makes complete sense,i think my doctor meant that but took a longer route to answer my question...thanks man.
  4. Hey Congrats again Ernestoria,i have a question about repair.Does the laser permanently repair the skin? i talked to a doctor and he said that later in life scars reappear due to aging etc.But i don't think they will come back as skin repairs itself to its original smooth state.I'm confused, you are taking a layer of skin off and its repairing itself with NEW skin right?? maybe he has it wrong, so please fill me in on what they told you.
  5. Question-does the re-pair work by taken a layer of skin off? and if thats the case the skin comes back as it was normal,trying to understand how improvement is acheived.
  6. That is some improvement!!! holy Shit!!! Good luck with your new life man.I know there is microswelling,but even if you have to go again like Dudley.....so what!! for gains like that,thats awesome man.
  7. I know exactly what happenned,same thing happenned to me in some areas when i did the Fraxel. underneath your red spots ARE scars,there like small pockets that widen as you go deeper and you won't know this unless you dig deeper.That is nobodys fault,i'm sure the doctor had good intentions and didn't want to ruin your skin...its rare but it does happen.Think of it as river beds under the skin that run patterns and are irregular.
  8. LOL yeah that would be cool.Good luck with the greens,it is a step in the right direction.
  9. I don't think there is a big difference,but me personally have always taken powder form for the fact of less packaging and possible potency issues.Green Vibrance is amazing stuff for your complexion...warning tho,tastes nasty,but you get used to it.You can take it with something flavored,even lemon water totally will drown out the taste.But the way i look at it is you drink a glass in 10 seconds...done.So i'll drink anything for a better,healthier complexion. Overcome, was wondering if yo
  10. Hi all rollers, I did my first roll 2 weeks ago, right after rolling my skin was tightened n scars are much less noticeable but now after 2 weeks, all indents remain exactly where they were with little or no improvment Overcome said there's more progress towards the later stages of 6-8 weeks. So wt's the process of collegen remodelling like? Do scars improve right after rolling, then look worse and become smoother again? Anyone roll more often than 6 weeks using 1.5 mm roller? Tha
  11. I don't think there is a big difference,but me personally have always taken powder form for the fact of less packaging and possible potency issues.Green Vibrance is amazing stuff for your complexion...warning tho,tastes nasty,but you get used to it.You can take it with something flavored,even lemon water totally will drown out the taste.But the way i look at it is you drink a glass in 10 seconds...done.So i'll drink anything for a better,healthier complexion.
  12. Ok its day 6 and all the peeling is done and i look much better.One thing i would like to add is that my face is really starting to take shape...what i mean is i'm starting to see a fullness in my face that i haven't seen in years!!! there is a better complexion that is coming thru and i'm feeling very confident.Before i give dermarolling all the props,i do have to give sculptra and saline njections credit too!! as bio-oil,Collagen powder and Green Vibrance has been monumental i think for the co
  13. The deceiving factor about "reflections" with windows,especially tinted ones is that its not as bad as you think...when you look in a regular mirror,its much better.Thats not the way you look (tinted window) in real life.Anyway its day 2 of my fifth roll and 95% of the redness is gone suprisingly,i think its from the iodine i apllied all day long.The microswelling makes me look like theres not a thing wrong with my face...but this microswelling is so much better than my last ones and it has to
  14. What if we found the magic bullet and we were to one day wake up and look and see no scars. How would you conduct yourselves towards other people or in general? would you be happy?, Angry? Would you want to get back at people? After years of carrying the negative luggage i always wondered how or if we can let go of the social hiding and all those wonderfull psychological effects that scars have. Or would just fall right into life again as if nothing ever happened.
  15. Hey everyone,i just did my fifth roll last night.Same procedure,a little bit of blood followed by some saline injections.I put iodine on twice before going to bed and again when i woke up.I will be doing this all day while staying home as i hear interesting articles on iodine being regenerative.I did wait 8 weeks this time from my last roll as i seen more progress towards the later stages of 6-8 weeks.This dermarolling is so worth the time invested.The dreaded reflection off of tinted windows et
  16. Scars4life-Since i've been dermarolling and doing saline injections my scars have been regenerating and i have hair (beard hair) growing from where the scar is/was.I use iodine after a 1.5mm roll and leave it on for 1 hour...but mainly for wound care,never heard of regeneration before,but its interesting.
  17. Hey Greg,i really don't roll in between anymore...i did at first.Even tho its shallow with a .25mm i think that the skin is in trauma after a 1.5mm roll for some weeks after.This last roll,my skin did not start to look good till the 4 week mark...it usually took 2-3 weeks.This week will mark 6 weeks since my last roll (4th) and i think i will wait another 2 because of continued tightening.Rolling has been amazing along with the bio-oil.
  18. Whoops i meant every 6-8 weeks sorry.My next is coming up next Saturday,which would be 6 weeks,but i think i'm gonna wait 2 more weeks because i've been feeling skin tightening this past week...so i think its starting to change a little more.As far as using the 1.5 i will keep using it,but maybe at one point every 3 months or more as things look better.
  19. Hey Greg,i really don't have wrinkles,but i think with continued use of the dermaroller your pores will shrink.I made a mistake about the .75 being used twice a week,it should be once.I have like 3 rollers and i get confused,the .25mm is twice a week. Its been 5 weeks today since i rolled and now i'm starting to feel tightening and some of the scars are really reforming themselves and i'am getting pretty impressed with the results.The key is just time and being consistent.
  20. Hi overcome, what size roller do yu use? i have a .75mm and was not sure how often to use, and is this size too short? I use the 1.5 mm every 6-8 months for collagen remodeling,the .75 is good for topicals and slight pigmentation problems.The .75 is good twice a week for me.If you do the 1.5 you have to invest in a numbing cream.Re-read the threads here,there is a wealth of information.
  21. I think the collagen has been a big help,i'm a bodybuilder too,so i diet up and down and when i diet down,i see more of the scars...but not since i been taking the collagen.I've taken every supplement under the sky and the collagen i take from the doctor within.com is more expensive,but i see a bigger difference.I know its the quality of the supplement and the way its processed.
  22. But how much of it is the dermarolling and how much of it is from the fillers for volume, and collagen you take? I'm not knocking dermarolling- I know it works, but I'm just curious as to how one would know which treatment is causing the real benefits. In other words, what do you think you're skin would look like with just dermarolling? Good question,as i quoted in earlier posts i said it was a combo effort.But i would give dermarolling the lead.Sculptra defintely was monumental for me as t
  23. Hey guys/gals my good skin and scars have improved a lot from dermarolling without a doubt.I'm 41 and my skin looks better than my 20's for real!!!.I never got little holes from dermarolling.But like clock work it starts to look better 3 weeks after a rolling session.Texture and complextion has all improved.I was never consistent with the dermaroller until my last 4 rolls every 6 weeks.I was too convinced it sounded too easy to true....but it is.I was under the impression if it did'nt cost a lot
  24. I would massage it for like 5 mins 3 times a week.Not to much pressure,press hard enough as if you wanted to squish a grape.I still massage my sculptra areas even tho its been like 8 months.And no there is no danger in doing massages...actually your doctor should have told you this.
  25. The pain your feeling is normal because she has caused a subcision of that scar with the filler which is a good thing.There is a degree of permanence with continued use of fillers.I experienced it with restylane with little bumps that stayed for years.They annoyed me but since i been rolling with the dermaroller they have all flattened and look a lot better.I'm a big sculptra fan personally.But good luck with it,you have to work with it,like massages at the beginning and i know it hurts but you