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  1. I will do it Lillie! ; ) Luckily after many trials and errors Ive found my HG sunscreen (at least for everyday use, still trying to find that perfect high spf sunscreen for the summer). It's called avene hydrance optimale light UV (spf 20). I LOVE IT! I recommend it to anyone that reads this! : )
  2. Thank god, I was starting to worry and get nervous lol. I'm pretty confident with this regime, hope it will work as good for me as it works for you , THANKS A LOT for your time helping me I hope you stay clear for ever and have a very happy life
  3. Hello Lillie I replied to your post on my topic, but in case you don't get to read it I will write here anyway You said that I will flush no matter what dosage, is that happening to you? When you started taking 20mg daily to get clear did you flush and then went way soon you were on the 10mg every 5 days? Or you didn't flush at all even at 20mg daily? Thanks
  4. Hello Lillie I' glad you replied! It's funny because that's exactly how im planning to do my regime! Im on 10mg daily for 5 days now, still no side effects but thats normal, they will kick in soon. I will stay with this dosage until I get my face all clear, then i will probably take 10 mg every other day for a month and so on, until I the minimal dosage to keep me clear. I just didnt't understand 1 thing. You said that no matter what the dosage I will flush, but you said that you have flawles
  5. Hello! Just like you I have done some full courses in the past. they worked but after a few months of being off my acne returned. My derm says no mather how high the dosage will be that every time im off the oil returns and so the acne. He says that I have a very oily skin prone to breakouts. Now im going to start 10mg daily until my face is clear and then probably going to take like 10mg twice a week for a long time I guess. My problem is..accutane allways worked good on me but while I was on i
  6. Last year I was on 20mg accutane daily for 6 months to treat mild/moderated acne. Altough I got cleared my acne returned 4 months after this regime. My most annoying side effect was flushing/red face, it was quite moderated and it bother me a lot. Now my derm is putting me back on accutane but this time only 10mg daily. My questions are: Is it rare to flush with ONLY 20mg daily? I mean 20mg is still a low dosage, and ive seen studies where rosaceans and people with SB being treated with this do
  7. Backgroung: I had mild/moderated acne, used a bunch off stuff that didnt work and then went on accutane for 5 months. I finished my 5 month course last week. While I was on accutane my skin start clearing around the 2nd month. My mainly side effect was dry skin, that eventually turned in to intolerant skin about the 3rd month (cleansers and some moisturizers irritate my skin). Altough my skin is all red the irritation i get its on the wings off the nose/nose and forehead and sometimes that zone
  8. oh, and my red and roughed patches that i get especially after washing my face with water and applying moisturizer its not exactly under the eyes where you get dark circles..its more around the wings of the nose and the nose itself..that zone is pretty rough to the touch and i have this little red things that are not acne, maybe red bumps from dryness/irritation..but trust me it looks pretty awfull..will this go away after I stop taking accutane?
  9. 5 days till the end off my accutane regime (5 months) and it was a pain in the ass! Im clear since my second month but I had and have dry skin that gets easily irritated with anything (plain water, moiturizers, rubing, touching..its VERY sensitive..sometimes after i wash my face only with water because im intolerant to any cleanser since i started, i get this red and bumpy patch under my eyes, did anyone else had this? After a few hours it goes away but ive never had smooth skin under my eyes an
  10. Im not a negative person, but i used BP for a long period of time (wonderfull at clearing skin) but it damaged my skin badly. And if your doing bad stop completly
  11. I was a smoker in the past. And when I started accutane I flushed like crazy, and even if I somehow knew that it was normal, i stopped smoking for a few days, and guess what? redness and inflamation reduced. So since I was craving for awesome skin I stopped smoking! Every time i wanted a cigar badly I tought of my skin red like crazy, and it was a good motive and helped me a lot to quit! 1 month since i smoked my last cigar, first 2 weeks were hard like shit, but now im doing okay (still avoid b