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  1. Well I have family in Brazil so I went there for the summer (June-August). Going to the doctor there is very easy. It's free and all you have to pay for is the medicine they prescribe you. So I decided to go ahead and try the dermatologist there, since here didn't work. Well he gave me a prescription for Tetracycline 600mg (90 pills). For 30 days I had to take 2 a day and then 1 a day . It worked great actually. My face was really irritated before I started and after the first month and a half m
  2. Here as in the website?
  3. So I've been using Aloe Vera Gel for over a week now, for my red marks. And it's been working. But this morning I woke up with dry skin. And I was wondering if I mixed coconut oil with aloe, would it work? Even though the oil I have is for cooking? Or should I mix it with something else?
  4. I really don't know.. Sorry. But how is the Jojoba oil working out for you? Is it helping?
  5. How long did it take for you to start seeing results with the nightly use of aloe vera?
  6. Well at least it didn't ''damage you emotionally''. I wish I was like that.
  7. Well I mashed it and applied the juice plus the garlic to my face. It burns a lot! For like 5 minutes. I just fan it, with something til it goes away.
  8. My skin is actually not that bad you know? I probably have like 3 to 4 pimples and the rest is all blackheads and some bumps, and I'm fine with that. I mean, I am a teenager after all. But the big problem is the red marks. I pop my pimples daily. It's like I'm mad. I tell myself ''Don't do it'' (I even say that while I'm popping them!) and I still pop them. It sucks. So I've been trying to find home remedies online to clear the redness, I don't even care about the pimples all I want is for my sk