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  1. Yeah it could be all scientific, but also acne can make someone feel like they're not in control and they could restrict their diet to have control over something body related or like trying to "make up" for acne by having a really nice body or something. Sorry if that offends anyone, just something I was thinking about.
  2. Ugh at camp the other day a five year old girl asked what the red dots on my face were. I explained that it is something that happens to teenagers and she replied with "well I hope I don't get them because they would look bad on my clear face". Thanks child. Kids can be so harsh while not meaning to.
  3. thank you so much for this blog! i have been on both of these products for about 2 weeks and this is the best my face has looked for as long as i can remember. i know its way too early to tell but im happy!
  4. I really don't think it's true about the blindness. Someone just posted on Yahoo Answers that it can happen, but after doing some research on the internet I found nothing else so I thinks it's okay. I started Aczone and Ziana last night and this morning. Redness seems to be reduced on face
  5. I am so excited I found this! I went to the derm today and she prescribed both ziana and aczone. I am ready to start this and see where it leads me. I haven't ever gotten cysts, just small acne but I have enough of them that I am ready for something! I heard aczone can cause blindness but I researched and haven't found anything else, have you heard that? Also, what cleanser do you use? I'll keep you posted on how it goes! Wish me luck Amy
  6. I don't have diabetes, but I know there are a million causes of acne and sugar is just one, so I'm not sure if it would make a huge difference.
  7. I have my first dermatoligist appointment tomorrow and I know I should be happy to be going and all, but I'm a little nervous. Can anyone tell me what will go on?
  8. I have read that some people find better results with a non medicated cleanser and then a medicated topical. I've been using a medicated wash and just wondering what has worked for all of you. Thank you so much!
  9. I have mild acne and I read that warm water opens pores but I also read that luke warm water is best. What do you guys think?