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  1. Agreed, just hang in there. It took me three full months to get clear.
  2. Last week I spent two days out in the sun, about 3-4 hours per day, while on 5% BP and 8% AHA and without SPF. It has now been a few days since then, and I didn't burn. Not even a little or mildly. Nothing, my face didn't even get red. I've tried to avoid the sun as I haven't found a decent sunblock yet that won't break me out, but now I just had to. I'm glad that I didn't burn my skin, but exactly, how can this be? My skin has never been sun sensitive at all, but this...
  3. To those that are completely clear, how clear do you stay? How often you get one isolated pimple or so?
  4. I'd like to try ACV but considering that even 60 mg of accutane daily for half a year didn't work and I still kept getting pimples, I find it hard to believe that ACV would work for me.
  5. I've actually noticed that after putting the moisturizer on, touching the face and then your clothes does nothing. I haven't bleached my clothes what so ever doing this unintentionally. Yet I still try and not to do it, even unintentionally, just to be on the safe side. I'd actually like to hear other thoughts on this. The only way I have managed to bleach my clothes a little, is while sleeping, and even then only the collar of a t-shirt. That's why I now tend to sleep without a t-shirt or in a
  6. Yea, I reduced the amount I was using. Though I noticed that once the flakes had disappeard or shed off near my mouth and nose, they didn't and hadn't come back since. I only get a little flaky from the cheeks nowadays. I guess it's such a matter of AHA shedding the dead skin off first.
  7. The AHA is really working great. My face is still a little flaky when I wake up but at least it's not dry so I don't mind that. Thanks to the dead skin peeling off, the BP absorbs so much faster. What took me 5-8 minutes before, I can now do in a few minutes. And best of all, it has done wonders for my skin texture. This morning I kept thinking why my face looks so different in some way. I noticed that my quite large pores from my cheeks had shrinked and cease to exit, at least for a naked eye
  8. I just did my regimen and really cut down the amount of AHA this time. See how it feels like in the morning. I've been using it two times a day, but from now on I will use it just on the evenings and see how it goes. The flakiness was bothering me even before I started using the AHA, so I guess the moisturizer alone wasn't enough to keep it at bay. By the way, neither did I see any results in the first two months, but like two weeks ago it all came down. Not a single inflammed or non-inflammed
  9. I'm going to bump this up as something came into my mind. I also take 400 mg of B5 and 1000 mg of vitamin C a day + fish oil, of course. Could that small of a dose of B5 be drying and should I stop eating it?
  10. I've been on the regimen for about three months now, and for the last two weeks I haven't had a single pimple on my face. So it sure is working for me, but I still have some issues. I'm using 5% BP as it's easy and cheap to get from the pharmacy over here. The other products I'm using are from Eucerin: cleanser and moisturizer. For the last few days I have also been using 8% AHA by Paula's Choice. I've also found a sunscreen I'm about to try out. So obviously these products aren't breaking me