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    skin graf

    having some smoothbeam v beam but my chest is a total mess.. had cycstic acne on it and well i picked it so bad it looks more like a burn then anything.. i want to cry out loud is a skin graf( remove skin from somewhere on your body) and put on bad area ever used for really bad acne scaring ?
  2. i am also in az....where have u checked? u check in tempe AZ?
  3. i have the best results tanning any one esle? i know all the negitive things that go along with tanning but it seems to work reslly good any one else see this too? sad thing i want to go lay out but my chest to broken out
  4. thank you for taking time to post up for me i plan on ordering the spray soon
  5. Hello, first post here, i am having smoothbeam done ( face, chest ) My face is really close to being clear but my chest is a mess i look like a burn victim the scars are all red ones and they are like open wounds almost. I caused them by picking and popping them, I would kill to do it over again. i am asking what can i put on my reddish wound like scars on my chest? i use bandaids since they bleed alot but those on smoothbeam what do u put on your problem areas ?