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  1. Hey. I've been doing a variation of the water only thing. I use water only in the morning, and at night, I douse my face in jojoba oil before my shower and wash with a very gentle cleanser. I started it this past summer and got reallly good results. I have combination skin, and my acne definitely improved as did my oiliness problem. However, now that it's winter here and very dry, my skin just gets really peely. I tried rubbing my face with the jojoba oil to help exfoliate and that was an
  2. June 5th, 2008, 6:19 pm Just took a shower. The new Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer is doing pretty well for me. Immediately after applying it, my skin looks remarkably matte. Even after four hours, I’d say my oiliness rating without blotting my skin at all was about a three. After eight hours, I looked like an oil spill, but four hours of mostly normal-looking skin? What an improvement. No new acne. My red bumps are slowly smoothing out, becoming less red, and shrinking. I ma
  3. UPDATE: ----------------------- June 2nd, 2008, 8:43 am Update on yesterday. I did not do anything that would be harsh on my skin. No sun exposure or beach, just a little napping. This morning, the zit on my below my left lower jawline is fading and should be healed up soon. Nothing new elsewhere, except for a little itchiness on my forehead, probably from a recovering zit. Well, my skin is looking much less oily nowadays because of the jojoba oil. I’m using a good amount during my sh
  4. My acne is hard to categorize. What happens is areas of my jawline and temple form a small red bump that increases in size until it's about a quarter of an inch, sometimes larger. I would think these are papules but they are larger, not that dark red, and relatively smooth. I do have some pustules, which are easier for me to recognize. My fear is that I might have nodules. I took some pictures. Could you please, please tell me if I have nodules? It would help so much. Thank you.
  5. Have you experienced a loss in the effectiveness of Vitamin B5 either after using it consistently for a long time or suddenly stopping usage (and then starting again with no results)? I'm interested in this, but I only find it worth the risk if I would be able to sustain the effectiveness of the treatment. Thanks for your advice! Please, please, PLEASE, post if you've tried Vitamin B5!
  6. I woke up today. I've got a new zit below my left jawline. I have very minor rapidly fading blemishes on my left lower cheek, my right lower cheek, and my right temple. So far, I'm feeling that the non-bp is going well. I hope it keeps up and that my zit on my jawline subsides quickly.
  7. Hey, guys. I've been doing DKR for years. After getting jojoba oil last week, however, I seriously have not gotten any new instances of acne other than two on the day that I first tried using the oil. This has led me to believe that my recent acne (not my high school acne...I'm 20 now) was due to the excessive drying of BP and failure of my previous moisturizer to balance my face. Other evidence is the fact that my forehead, which I long stopped using BP and moisturizer on because it would
  8. Yeah, two full pumps seems like a LOT. I only use one pump myself for the same reasons as you: even with lots of moisturizer and jojoba oil, I'm still a little flaky. I suggest just sticking with one pump.
  9. Nope, not an eye problem. Coming form another guy who exercises daily and who's been on this regimen and who has had to deal with this almost every day, I can tell you that the regimen definitely contributes, if not causes, to your eye stinging. I actually mentioned this in my first post on the board, trying to see if anyone had this issue. I've stopped using bp and moisturizer of any sort on my forehead and that has helped a great deal. The thing is, my forehead remain clear in spite of bei
  10. Thank you, Jillian. I very much appreciate it! I will definitely try her method.
  11. Hey, everyone, this is my first time posting. I've lurked around the forums from time to time to see if anyone had the same questions that I had, but now, I decided to give posting a shot. Well, anyways, I follow Dan's regimen. I was gently with Purpose cleanser, than use Dan's BP, and then use Complex 15, in the morning and at night. However, one major problem that I always had was oily skin that was also dry, combination skin. My skin was flaky minutes after getting out of the shower and