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  1. I understand it completely as I've gone through the same stuff during my first two years in highschool. Most of the people in the school I went to had clear skin, and some of them even underestimated my intelligence and social abilities. I remember arguing with some idiot about an unimportant topic, when he said "wait - how can you tell that if you haven't even fixed your face?" I just replied: "these flaws on my face will be gone in a few years, while yours won't" Try not to think about acne,
  2. I remember back when I had acne and started to see some improvements after practicing daily in the gym and playing water polo a lot, and one day when I just came from holidays and was having a breakout, my friend upon looking at my body and my face said "Damn, what do you take? It's ruining you"
  3. I used to be attracted to redheads, but now I don't really care about the hair color. As long as its natural, it probably looks good... I've personally got dark brown curly hair, "typical mediterranean" which is rare in my family,because nearly everyone has blond or red hair
  4. Bacne I never cared when I had them, no matter how bad they used to be
  5. It probably has something to do with your pillow. My friend had the same problems; they stopped when he started changing pillow cases more frequently and sleeping with his face looking at the ceiling.
  6. none taken those described in the post were the worst ones, and they wouldn't even look that bad if it wasn't the unnatural redness around them (looks like a mixture of red and tangerine) I've tried treating the red zones with bepanthene cream, and it seems to help with inflamations - but there's dead skin everywhere on my forehead now. The question about make-up was kinda weird, because I consider myself a man and I never tried doing that before... Thanks for the replies P.S. Sorry for
  7. IDC about the others - as idc about the other acne zones on my face, sorry if you misunderstood. This breakout just looks really immune to most of my medications that I've used before, it should be gone within two weeks but if they really developed an immunity I don't know what am I gonna do...This is my first case of adult acne by the way I come in? I've had SOME posts on this board already, and I'm a member like you too OTHER PEOPLE: excuse me if you misunderstood, I was kinda frightened wh
  8. That's right. I don't know what the heck was I thinking when I had such a shitty lifestyle and ate/drank so much crap. I haven't had them for a while now, and then just boom - a hell of a breakout on my forehead, and 2 really inflamed whiteheads on my nose. I treated them with clindamycine and now they're gone. But it's even worse... My forehead is swollen red, looks like I'm having severe rosacea. Plus those two shits on my nose were close to each other so the red marks make me look like
  9. I prefer keeping my battles for myself. I hate having to rely on certain people in order to win. Not only when fighting acne, but in life at all.
  10. Try Contractubex It helps a lot, but keeps itching like mad during the first two weeks of application.
  11. My skin is so stubborn. Now that it's finally clean except for the scars left from the brutal sport(s) I enjoy playing, I want to try and tan it. My skin can tan easily, so it's not a problem. I just do my daily exercise outside now, and ride a real bike instead of the indoors version + I do other things as substitutes for the gym. I've been getting the "native american"-like skin color, and it looks pretty good on me. But the problem is - every time I spend more than 30 minutes inside salty wat
  12. Nobody deserves acne. You don't deserve it either, no matter what you have done. Relax, listen to Bob Marley or something like that and stop thinking...
  13. Beckham Girl, ^^^^ I scanned through your post, and it seems that you've made a few mistakes. Number 1 -> Obesity isn't ugly like acne is. Only extreme obesity can be. I've got an obese friend and it doesn't bother him, as long as his weight doesn't increase. Also, when you talk to people they tend to look at you in your face, in your eyes, not your belly or legs. And obese men are somehow more socially acceptable than obese women. Number 2 -> Obesity CAN be cured. It depends on the pow
  14. Oh sorry, I thought your brother had pimples and suicidal thoughts so you would take his pimples... My bad Yeah, I know how you feel, my grandma died of cancer a few years ago and she was like my second mother - she raised me, she guided my first steps on this world. I'd take the worst acne for her to live... Sometimes there are things more important than acne, but why are you posting it on an acne sufferer community?