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  1. I'm a 19 year old male with mild, persistent (over the last 4 years) acne, and I'm looking for a new cleanser. I'm not expecting something that will totally clear me up for good, but something that will help and won't irritate too much. Also preferably something I can find in my local drugstore. I'm trying to avoid BP, but other than that I'm open to pretty much anything. I've used a bunch of stuff over the years. Most recently I used Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control, but that stopped being effe
  2. http://www.luckyvitamin.com/item/itemKey/6...ite=google_base I found these in my local vitamin shop.
  3. I tried to drink apple cider vinegar in the past, but it hurt my teeth and i couldn't handle the taste. But recently I bought some apple cider vinegar chewable pills (they actually taste good too), and I've noticed some improvements. Has anyone else tried this? Is it as beneficial for acne prevention as the drink, or is what I'm experiencing a fluke?
  4. i just got to college and have started breaking out again. i previously washed only with water twice a day, but i now need a twice a day cleanser to combat my mild acne. i would like to keep my regimen simple--only two washes a day, moisturizing after each. any specific product recommendations are appreciated--preferably products that would be easy to find. thanks!
  5. I'm leaving for college in a week, and am looking for a very simple, easy to maintain regimen that I can use while living away from home. I'm living in a dorm with shared bathroom so I don't want to be spending a bunch of time in front of the mirror, and I'd rather not walk through the walls with topicals all over my face. I'm a male and have pretty mild acne with combination skin, but it is persistent and if I don't take of myself decently it becomes moderate. From a holistic standpoint, I'm
  6. the cream or the lotion? or a link to what exactly you use would be great. i've heard good things about cerave so i'll get whatever you recommend. also, where can i find it?
  7. i've been using jojoba oil recently, and although i think it has been good for my skin, it has also left my face looking greasy. i don't want to deal with this anymore, so i think i'm going to switch to a new moisturizer. what do you guys recommend for something non-greasy and invisible that will moisturize and maybe have an spf that i can wear over the summer? anything that will help with red marks is definitely a plus too.
  8. thought i'd update... I haven't masturbated since my last post in this thread (about a month), after previously doing it several times per week. In the last month, my acne has definitely improved. Of course, it could be because of a number of factors, but I do think masturbation has something to do with it. At the very least, at least for me, I have higher self-esteem when I don't masturbate, don't really know why. For example, when I used to masturbate I would look at my face before and after
  9. where can i find origins spot remover? it sounds great and has good reviews so i'll definitely try it. until then i'll stick with BP thanks guys!
  10. same thing happened to me. i used to have acne only on my forehead, now it is gone except for red marks left over, but i have acne around my mouth. i've gotten mostly clear though, even though it was really bad for a while. i used 10% BP continuous control face wash in the morning and at night, and then i moisturize with jojoba oil morning and night. this has cleared me about 85% so i definitely recommend it. you don't have to walk around with BP on your face because you rinse off the wash aft
  11. from what i understand papules are raised red spots that don't have a head. i have gotten a couple of these or things like them recently and am wondering what i can do to get rid of them. thanks!
  12. I agree that 10% BP cream is too much, I always used 2.5% because I did find it just as effective. But I've found this wash, which you only leave on for like 30 seconds, to be much more effective than any BP cream I've used, yet gentle enough for twice daily use as well. I don't want my skin to go red though, so do you recommend any SPF moisturizers?
  13. I started using Continuous Control 10% Benzoyl Peroxide acne cleanser this winter, and it's been extremely effective. It really dried my skin out though, so I began using Jojoba Oil to moisturize, and that has worked very well also. There wasn't much sun in the winter, so I didn't really need to wear the SPF 15+ that is recommended with BP use. However, now that sunnier days are approaching, I've got a dilemma. I guess I need to get some sunscreen, but I also want to keep using the Jojoba Oil s
  14. damn i'm out after 2 days. my new goal is to last until saturday and then go from there, gotta be realistic, even if it's pathetic also, in the two days i did last i didn't have a single new zit and my skin felt and looked healthy, but things have generally been better recently so maybe it had nothing to do with this experiment. good luck!
  15. Pretty much same experience as OP. I'm in on this experiment too. And yes, once you enter a porn site/google "boobs", there is no turning back--you've already lost, so stay away entirely.