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    I love watching movies, but I think everyone likes that. I like painting ...(I;m not picasso or close, but I always feel better after throwing some paint around. LOVEEEEE Music, would have probably gone insane without it. I like to cook and experiment in the kitchen. My pets, Photography, * Soccer & Tennis. I know I know sounds crazzy... but also studying, reading, Forensic science and medicine. I'm usually a happy person, always try to stay positive. I;m kind of a loner (not cause of my acne) I've always been a bit of a loner... I love my friends... coz they really are my friends although few. That's enough about boring me...

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  1. This is me now ... almost 3 years post accutane.. I've been on and off of the drug... for about two full courses and 1 or 2 mini courses. It is not an easy medication to stick through, but if u can... it might be worth it.. i think just if you have tried everything else. Personally I had good results but I know everyone is very different. I still get acne sometimes, especially around my menstraul cycle but it is not as bad as it use to be.
  2. u keep dissappearing I didn't think u would remember me , how have u been? im good. pm me it would be good to catch up with u again. :)

  3. :) only took me almost 2 years , to smile back :)
  4. :) only took me almost 2 years , to smile back :)
  5. bond... james bond ;-)

  6. Rian it's been such a long time. I hope you are still doing well :) have a nice day

  7. I like your new org pic :)

  8. that's good to hear, how long left in ur studies? egypt is an amazing place esp the people there, made a lot of good friends there. merry xmas

  9. I'll be going back home on xmas break from med school, that hasnt really left me much time :( but i am happy about vacation so i hope i will be around more next few weeks.. Ho wwas Egypt ?

  10. back in UK and looking forward to christmas, what are u up to? x

  11. Ryan where R uuuuuuu :P U must be off playing secret agent 007 or getting a cat down from atree or something random :P Hope u r wellllll i miss u

  12. hey!! so good to hear from you, how is you? im doing ok. i miss your msg's. come back

  13. hello stranger, what have been up to ???