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  1. ^ yeah it's great, isn't it?? I agree with the wash cloth thing. My regime is now very -unregimented still haha... but I do occasionally (once or twice a week) get a wash cloth and use luke warm water to wipe it over my face a few times. And that's it. My only minor break outs are leading up to my period but they aren't nearly as noticeable (i don't wear make up for them, don't hardly need to) and they go away really quickly. So I hardly notice them, really... they make almost no difference.
  2. Two things I wanted to add, for what they're worth! - this poll may not be all that representative, since I think most people who had success with the 'do nothing' method would not come on here much anymore. - 'do nothing' does not mean do everything you possibly can to avoid anything touching your skin or any water or any this or that or any other complex and specific requirement... it means to stop worrying about it so much. Don't worry if your face gets wet in the shower... and if you get a
  3. Just because your grandma drank lots of regular tap water and had beautiful skin really doesn't mean much, sorry. No two people are exactly the same. Some people react to things, other people don't. Your grandma might've had good tap water or her body was able to cope fine with whatever was added to it or she wasn't genetically prone to acne - whatever, it doesn't matter. You or I will never be able to determine exactly why she had good skin, tbh. I'm pleased for her and wish I were as lucky.
  4. hmm, you really needn't... a decent filter or drinking bottled spring water will do just fine. I think you're addressing me with those questions? I'll take it as you are addressing me, anyway... I feel so much better not drinking tap water, the change is remarkable. However, as I've said in other posts, the tap water here is pretty bad. You can taste it. My guess is the combination of copper, mercury and chlorine irritate me in different ways. I think the copper, since it leads to a deficienc
  5. LOL... I'm sorry, but are you a scientist???? Can you predict the future? Are you an omnipotent being?! You're GOD aren't you! If the water contains trace elements of mercury or arsenic (which most, if not all, tap water can) and if there is a lot of copper in it (if you have copper piping, this will likely be the case), and if you have a sensitivity to amines (chlorine, in all tap water, is an amine) then acne can result from drinking this water. I don't understand where people get
  6. You can be 'allergic' to water, yep. Extremely rare though. I posted a big post about acne and health etc and I mentioned water - my naturopath wanted me to try drinking bottled water for a while and man did I notice a difference!! My thinking was clearer, I couldn't taste the water (good sign!), I was less thirsty so now I don't have to drink as much (was having to drink 3 L a day, seriously)... it made such a difference, helped with my food intolerances too and my acne... so now I drink almos
  7. I also agree if you haven't tried it, obviously you can't vote on it. That's just common sense. Molly, I think you're misunderstanding. As I can see it, nobody is picking on you. Just saying that you needn't continue repeating yourself. Also, using 'just cleanser' is definitely not the 'doing nothing' method. As you may understand, doing something (eg. washing with a cleanser) is not 'doing nothing' . . . . it's 'doing something'. With the 'do nothing' method, itt won't be a perfect process,
  8. basically, yep! Also, acne is genetic for me also - in the family... whether hormonal or liver or whatever, these imbalances occur through some kind of ill health... acne isn't a normal state. It's a sign that there's something not quite right with how your body is working, or it doesn't like what's happening. Basically, something is pissing it off. Once you sort out the root cause, you don't need cleanser or anything and in fact you start to have this lovely glow (I got complimented on it ju
  9. Based on my own personal experience, The actual cause of my acne was poor health, bad habits, eating too much junk food and processed food, not taking care of my body through good sleep and lifestyle choices (I was drinking too much) and basically correcting imbalances holistically and becoming healthier is what ended my acne. Nowadays, I get the odd pimple and it hardly matters. Why? Because I don't do anything to my face and so if I get a small one once a month, it goes away really quickly on
  10. I feel I should comment again on this post, even though Manda and I have been sending PMs. I think we all need to remember here to not indulge in black and white thinking because it's destructive and really unhelpful. And in fact when dealing with mental illness treatments it can be plain dangerous. Any time you say 'meds will make you worse' or 'meds will make you better', you're making claims that you can't back up... because the truth is that for some people they may really need medication
  11. I'd just like to say... I think rand0m is/was sincerely trying to help but perhaps not realising how he was coming across... I don't think psychiatrists are evil or simply out to get money. I think that kind of thinking is extreme and very paranoid, to be honest. And I do know of one person who tells me she's very happy on antidepressants and has been for a few years now. Her health problems have increased though. So basically my advice was that it is highly, highly important to try other thin
  12. Hi there. I have only read the first page of this thread. I've been on one medication or another since I was 12. I'm now 22. I've been on various drugs that effect serotonin levels, I've been on various antidepressants (SSRIs and tricyclics and some others too) and mood stabilisers... I've also been prescribed the same sleeping pills that Heath Ledger was taking when he died (called Stilnox in australia). I really, really wish I'd never been put on a drug at all. I wish at the age of 12 someb
  13. Also, I very much value delicious food... not sure what makes the diet guidelines above seem so unappealing to you? Acne is certainly not taking over my life and that comment actually made me laugh. Once again, I think you need to read my post. It's about being healthy. Having no acne is a wonderful side effect of being healthy ;-) 80% of this stuff was to help my other health probs like headaches, foggy thinking, poor sleep, digestive problems.
  14. I eat sugar. Just out of curiosity, do people who reply actually read anything I've written first? I still eat candy (we call them lollies in australia), I eat pizza, I eat ice cream occasionally, I eat nuts, sandwiches, cake, slice, biscuits, muffins, lamb chops, wedges and potato chips.... Did you actually read any of the post? Even if I didn't eat any of these things, that certainly would not mean that my life sucked! Once you get used to avoiding chemicals in foods, it's really not a big