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  1. hmmmm...good call, good call. But I'm using the glycolics to help fade the red marks....so I don't know if I want to stop them. maybe I could for a few days..?
  2. yeah I have actually taken cold showers before just to avoid having a bright red face....and it sucks, but it works. I also heard the Eucerin redness line doesn't really work.... Maybe I'll just have to take cold showers for my entire trip.....
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if there was something I could put on immediately after showering to help redmarks be less visible...I'm going on a trip with friends soon, and I don't want them to see my red marks, at least not when they are bright red. My red marks take like 2 hours to return to light pink after I take a hot shower. Is there like a cream that takes the red out, maybe not permanently, but just soothes the post-shower redness?
  4. I have heard that you can make your own body scrub by mixing pure sugar and olive oil together (more sugar than oil obviously). And you just scrub scrub away. Also, using baking soda and water for a gentle face scrub is good for some people. Though its not for me, because I can't use any kind of scrub without irritating m face.....
  5. neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser. It works like a charm.
  6. I love love love my colorstay! It makes my skin look so much better than it actually is! You can get it to look really natural, just as with anything it takes practice. I have been using it for almost 2 years, so I have got it down to a science. The truth is, it's so good, you only need a little dime size dot of it for each part of your face. Blend it with a sponge, add powder. And you are done! You can add more over problem areas, if needed.
  7. I know, and this is what I love about the stuff!!!! IT COVERS EVERYTHING! And the softflex is much better than the original. use it with a light moisturizer and a sheer powder, and I think it looks pretty natural. It depends on your skin I guess, but it never cakes up or anything on me. Just remember, when you want to look like you have clear skin, but you really have red blotchy acne and redmarks.... you have to wear a high pigment foundation! nothing else works. And don't even get me starte
  8. yeah it's a scab. I have one from a healing pimple right now. They usually heal in about 2 weeks. I would just apply moisturizer over them, and possibly neosporin at night to make them heal faster. Also, stay out of the sun or apply sunscreen at least- because the sun will make your skin heal a lot slower. Hope this helps!
  9. Cindy


    you could have an excess of dry skin building up on your face, which is "old skin" and it looks shiny- but your are mistaking the shiny old skin buildup as oiliness. Also, some people just have really shiny skin because they over exfoliate too....and this could be percieved as oiliness, even though it just means you have a fresh layer of skin that is gleaming.
  10. I know the feeling of going from 100 percent clear to a really bad breakout...it just happened to me a few days ago, after being clear for many months....and it sucks. All I can say, is time heals all wounds. Keep with your regimen, say a prayer, and things will get better. i used to be a picker too, so I know how addicting it is. just think happy thoughts!
  11. I can't even believe I found this log again, after almost a year of not posting here! What can I say, my skin hasn't really been much of an issue the past year. The only reason I came back to acne.org is because I am having minor skin issues again, so I wanted to see if there was anything new on the site. I am currently having the worse breakout I've had since tane- And it only consists of like 4 pimples confined to the left side of my face (why only there, I don't know?) . So I am just bp'ing
  12. I had both prior to accutane, and both sucked. Nobody should wish either kind on themselves. At least face acne you can cover with makeup.....but body acne sucks because you can't wear the cutest fashions or get close to people physically without embarrasment.
  13. 1. Sex/Age. Female, 21 2. What color is your hair? Deep brown, with slight red highlights (faded) 3. Short/Med/Long? Short, right to my chin 4. What type of hair style do you have at the moment? Straight and layered 5. What shampoo/conditoner/special treatments do you use? Suave humectant shampoo and conditioner (compare to nexus) 6. What products do you use in your hair? Straighten up by avon 7. How long does it take you to fully style it? I blowdry and straighten it every other day, it takes a
  14. I use the regular one, and love it. Great coverage, and blendable too.
  15. Try having a crush on someone for almost ten years.......and he is your best friend.......and he doesn't have a clue you are in love with him, and even if he did, he has absolutely no interest in you as anything other than a friend. It f-ing sucks, because you love being with him, but it inevitably leaves you sad and wanting more.