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  1. To anyone who is on is on this regimen... Are any of you on the Tazorac + antibiotic regimen?? Do you recommend using the C&C BP wash + SA wash in the morning with tazorac at night or is it an overdose?? Any experiences?? Any advice is really appreciated!!! Thanks!
  2. Has anyone switched from a Retin-A regimen to tazorac immediately? I would like to know your experience. Any breakouts? I switched to taz last month from Retin-A (was on this for about 3 months) and my skin has broken out very badly. No cysts yet, but way too may whiteheads...with no signs of respite! I am going to give this 3-4 months..like I did for Retin-A. Any help/advice is always appreciated. Oh yeah, I am also taking 100mg Mino twice a day. Stopped the Clindamycin long time ago as it did
  3. I am on Retin-A, Mino and Clyndamycin gel. My skin gets way too oily by the end of the day. I just dab my face with tissue to wipe the oil off my face, but my face looks awful and dirty. I don't have any new pimples, just dealing with marks and old pimples that are refusing to disappear. Can someone please suggest a better way?? Would something like stridex help? Thanks.
  4. Usually, mino is prescribed for its anti-inflammatory properties. It won't help contain the acne or prevent it, at least as far as what I know. You might want to try a tretinion gel or cream with the mino regimen and see if that helps. Also, think about switching to 100 MG of mino. Good luck!
  5. You have to give Retin-A at least 12 weeks to do its job. I too broke out in the first 4 weeks of the regimen. But, I think being patient is the hardest part of being on a prescription regimen for acne. Hang in there and don' t give up!! Use some BP gel in the mornings if your skin can handle it. Being on antibiotics might help too. Dryness, flaking, redness and itchiness is all part of the process. Start using a moisturizer and do use mad sunscreen when you hang out in the sun.
  6. Wassup people... I have been on Minocycline + Retin A 0.05% cream + Benzaclin 1%-5% gel for about 9 weeks now and I am finally seeing significant improvement. I saw my derm two Fridays back but she wasn't happy with the results. I am not getting any new acne but the old ones are taking ages to go, and the scars seem darker (is it because I am dark skinned??). My derm prescribed Tazorac cream 0.05% to replace the Retin-A cream and the application of taz she recommended is quite strange: Apply t
  7. I am currently on Retin A with Minocycline and it took 12 weeks to show any positive result. My skin is now improving significantly and I got one small zit this morning after 4 days! The only thing I can say is - be patient with this regimen. Retin A removes all the underdeveloped acne and pushes it out, which is why your skin will look worse than it already is. The Minocycline will only provide anti-inflammatory properties. Also, don't use BP gel and Retin A together as they impact each other.
  8. How long have you been on benzamycin? BP gels itch like crazy in the first week, so what I did was use it on alternate days. My skin is now used to it, so I use it everyday. Maybe you could alternate it for some time till your skin gets used to it and see if that works. Don't stop using it though.
  9. lolirot is totally right. In the first two weeks, my face erupted like anything, although the patient info leaflet warns you about it. But then, it starts to clear away as the skins starts pushing the remaining acne out, thanks to retin-a. Your face might get worse than before, but don't let that discourage you, and don't stop the meds! Give it a full 3 months at the least for it to the job, at least that is what I am giving myself.
  10. What is the best time to have Minocycline? My bottle says twice a day, but that's about it. I take one soon after I wake up, around 7 am with only 12 oz (think that's .5 liter) of water and then have breakfast around 9. I have my second tab around 8 hours later with another 12 oz of water, with nothing in my stomach 2 hours prior and 2 hours later, before dinner time. Am I doing this right? Anyone else do it differently? Please advise. Thanks.