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  1. I finally got so depressed over my oily skin and I went on zoloft anti depression medication. It really helped my oily skin. go figure margie
  2. margie


    Hey freedom, Why can't you buy permanent makeup needles on line. I know you can buy tatto guns and needles on line why not permanent make up needles. It's not like they are illegal!! You could probably do it yourself, and if you had the right needle you would probably see better result. Groove on...........
  3. margie


    hey freedom, you do ask alot of questions!!! That's o.k. I do too, that's why I know so much about what the technician/nurse does. She showed me before and after pictures of people she has worked on. They were pictures of burn victims, car crash victims with facial scarring, and wrinkle reduction pictures. To tell you the truth after seeing the burn victims I suddenly felt very vain and thankful. These people were heavily scarred. I was so excited when I saw the after pictures of some of her
  4. margie


    jackthebear, I would get out the telephone book and start calling makeup artists in nyc. Thats how I found my skin needling technician. I called a technician in my city, she said she didn't do the procedure but her friend did. Usually if the makeup artists doesn't do the needling they will know or heard of someone that does. Good Luck. Groove on .........never stop searching for answers. They are out there you just have to find them.
  5. hello all, I have had very oily skin since I was 12. It was so oily that after I washed it 1 hour later it was oily. I have felt very depressed all my teenage years, I finally went to a doctor and she prescribed zoloft. Guess what the zoloft actually help my oily skin. Couldn't believe it at first but there are new studies that suggest oily skin is due to stress that actually makes your oil glands pump more oil. I have had panic attacks since I was 8 years old but never thought that my atta
  6. margie


    Hey freedom I found a nice little web site on skin needling. This person is also a makeup technician in Oklahoma. The site is www.auraofbeauty.info she has a forum where you can ask questions. She did mention that after your procedure you should put hydrogen peroxide on the red marks. I did that for my last treatment (not my first) and I feel like I have healed faster. I had the procedure done Tues. Dec. 10 and today is Dec. 13 and with makeup you can hardly see the red marks. Just some fo
  7. margie


    hello , I'm responding to freedom who asked questions about the skin needling. This nurse that I am going to is also a permanent makeup artist, and electrologist. She went to California to learn the procedure and has been doing this for sometime. She said this procedures has been around for years. The needle she uses has three prongs but they are so fine you can hardly see them. She showed the needle to me and I had to look very closely to see the prongs. She told me she is going to e-mail
  8. margie


    hi again! my skin needling cost 2 hundred dollars for the whole face each session. I did see inprovement with my smaller ice pick scars. Some of the smaller scars disappeared. The nurse had to look real hard to find some of them. The larger ice pick scars were still visible but if you looked closely you will see pink skin inside the scar. My nurse told me that is the new skin repairing itself. She said my scars were right on track for having the first needling. My husband said the scar
  9. margie


    hi, I have had skin needling done on my acne scars. I found a nurse in Waterford Mi. who does this procedure. She takes a 3 prong very tiny needle and inserts it into the acne pit. She does this 3 times to each pit. She does your whole face and then in a month you go back for your second treatment. There are 3 treatments one month apart then you have to wait 6 months before your next treatment. I just had my second treatment, I saw results with my first treatment. I had my second treatment