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  1. Aww, sweety, don't let something like that get you down! I promise you, everyone you went up and talked to last night was paying much more attention to your personality than your makeup. The confidence you were conveying probably impressed them more than anything you could wear. We are all flawed in some way. Even the most gorgeous women are wracked by insecurity- maybe more so than us average gals, because they feel like they have to be perfect 100% of the time. Always, always be confident
  2. I used to use the Neutrogena spray-on tan, and I loved it. I haven't used it in a while, but I don't recall it making me break out anywhere, and I used it everywhere, nose to toes. My method was to exfoliate first (1/4 cup sugar & 1/4 cup oil as a scrub in the shower for the body), then soap off, then spray on tan, rub it in, then lotion everywhere, and then hang out naked for at least a half hour. If you're tanning your body, naked time is essential! Otherwise you get strange lines in your
  3. Wow, thanks for the info, that explains it. I've read that certain sunscreen ingredients can interfere with other sunscreen agents. Is this true, and if so, what sunscreen (or moisturizer) would y'all recommend to wear under EDM?
  4. Unfortunately for teen and 20-something girls, men are pretty much useless until they're 30. Most are completely self-centered and/or retarded, and even the nice, well-intentioned ones are clueless. My husband was 29 when we started dating, and I told him from the get-go that he was on probation until he turned 30 After we'd been dating for several months, I came down with food poisoning, of the really awful please-God-just-let-me-die variety. After a couple of miserable days (during which I w
  5. It always bums me out that we women don't wear hats anymore! I've been wearing a newsboy cap lately, but I have to do my hair a certain way to get it to fit on my head. I have a floppy straw hat that I love, but it won't fit over my hair If people at your school aren't wearing hats, maybe you should be the one to bring them back into style. I've found that the most stylish people are the ones who have the self-assurance to wear whatever they like, not worrying about what other people think. Fi
  6. Here's a brand in the US that makes them: http://www.aclens.com/natural_touch.asp I had some of these when I was a teenager, just for the color. They had two types then, opaque ones which would change even dark eyes, and transparent ones. I had dark blue transparent contacts over my light blue eyes. The dark ring around the iris made them look more natural, or at least I thought so. I'm not sure what kind they make now, but I liked them then. Of course, this was 12 years ago. At the time, they
  7. Sorry to be boring, but I think your current color is probably the best for you. I got a friend's opinion too (her color sense is excellent), and she agreed. She said if you're bored with your hair you might consider getting bangs. They should work with your face, and they're not as drastic cutting it all really short. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  8. I like Morena Baccarin's eyebrows: http://canadianbrowncoats.com/myPictures/Morena500.jpg The one on her right is perfect, IMO. I like long, curved eyebrows, not pointy arches. But eyebrows are such a personal-preference kind of thing. Mine currently resemble fuzzy caterpillars- I need tweezers!
  9. The Everyday Minerals site says "All Everyday Minerals has a natural skin protection. We are not allowed to claim any SPF rating due to FDA guidelines." Looking at their ingredients, I know they have UV protection, but I don't understand why they can't claim an SPF. Bare Minerals lists SPF on all of their products, and the ingredients are almost identical. What gives?
  10. I hope nobody minds me pointing you to another forum, but I had to chime in. The folks over at forums.longhaircommunity.com can answer just about any hair question. They have recipes for home-made hair products and techniques for every kind of hair. My hair is currently knee-length, and it looks great thanks to all the advice the LHC community has given me. I'm not sure about specific ways to get past the "ugly" stage, but these are my top hair-growing tips: 1) If you want long hair, DO NOT CUT