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  1. they usually get worse before they get better, after about 4 weeks you start to notice improvement but during those first few weeks your skin looks worse
  2. guys care to a certain extent but honestly ur a very pretty girl and ur scarring doesn't take away from your beauty
  3. I've been using a 1.5 mm once a week, i dont do it too agressively tho. i just roll a few times and then put either retin-a or vitamin c on. it's mainly to allow for better obsorption of the topicals, it's working well for me. In december i'll be having another needling done, that is something you might want to look into.
  4. needling, dermarolling and retin-a have been working for me. Close to 50% improvement, had fraxel done and it didnt do anything for me so i'd definately give needling a try.
  5. Hey man, good to hear about the improvement, it gives me hope that all my scars will someday improve was well. Did you have scars on your forehead? How do they look now if you did? What were your problem areas? More details would be much appreciated!
  6. so i have every type of scar imaginable, rolling, box, ice pick and it was pretty bad, i tried fraxel and peels and nothing really worked for me. I'm 20 years old and in June i had my first needling done by a lady who specializes in it and my second done in august. my skin has improved around 50%, maybe more. i've also had 2 light peels in between needlings and i've been using retin-a .1% once a week. i also have been using a 1.5 mm dermaroller once a week to help some vitamin c i have penetrate
  7. i never tried the other 2 but needling helped me out alot
  8. try lookin for top notch salons, some salons have people that do it
  9. i would assume so since they are made of scar tissue but it also depends on what type of scar it is
  10. im sure they're too thin to cause scars but they do puncture the skin or else they'd be ineffective
  11. i was like o hello miss lady and she was like o hey big boy and the rest is history
  12. ya when i dont really have feelings for the girl and i just think shes hot