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  1. Hello Oily brothers and sisters, not posted in a long while. How goes the battle against the shine? I’ve been through a load of experiments since I was last here, from long fasting, intermittent fasting, trying keto, green juices, fixing my weight, sleep, liver, and dht, vit D lvls. Carb cycling, monitoring blood sugar.. Switching up the lvl of my anti-aging stack to Resveratrol, Sulforaphane, Niacin, Tmg, Omega3, vit d, and ashwagandha. Trying to copy the Dr David Sinclair stack a
  2. To all Oily sufferers, Could this also be a body clock function issue? hmmm I wonder. Please can you leave a comment about your sleep wake cycles , amount of daytime sun you get outside and how oily you are? I know from experience as a night owl, if I allow myself to go to sleep 2-4am for several days back to back I would easily bet my skin would be oily as hell during the day. Interesting to hear other experiences
  3. Hi Ricky, I tried the keto diet and found it didn't help me with oiliness, no stone un-turned and all that. I felt it was worth exploring. I do notice a difference with whole wheat products to white flour products though, seems to make me more oil-puffy and that's not a good look. So I stick to whole wheat across the board, breads Pasta etc (in moderation).. I don't see a problem with it from my research, the keto-mafia would say otherwise though . You mention you are eating a lot more to pu
  4. Hi there, A bit of an oily return for me unfortunately... I put on a few pounds of fat and my oiliness has increased noticeably after a long stretch of being oily free. Disappointing. I came to the conclusion that my way of controlling oily skin is largely via being as lean as possible, to abs very visible. Sebum ingredient ratio's considering, It made sense. But this was kind of cheating I admit, but it worked. When I was leaner my hand palms would become extremely dry where I had to start
  5. Hi Eugene Looks good, the green tea egcg trials used 3% in an emulsion to get the results they mention, so this meets the spec. Mine is home made, half mineral water half sunflower oil (emulsion), and I measure up the 3% egcg concentrate from a liquid I buy from amazon. Shake up and spray. Store in the fridge, lasts me about 2 weeks then I make another. A cheap way, but the same thing. Hope its helping.
  6. Hi guys, its been a while. Skin has been doing well of late, Oil is under control...dare I tempt fate by typing this! Its 17:30 in the afternoon and I've been walking for about an hour, I really should have more oil on my face than a Saveloy from the chip shop. Enough Oil to make Saudi Arabia want to Invest in pipe lines to my house, and enough Oil to run the risk of being invaded. You get the picture. But I'm not, the man in the mirror is Oil free. I may have to change my name.
  7. Hi Eugene Looking at this again, the ethanol is just a carrier for the dht inhibitor they are using on the skin. Although the oily skin reduction results in their trials were slightly higher in %, we can get the exact same effect of dht topical downplay with green tea at 3% egcg from the studies posted earlier in this thread by body101 (props), applied once a day. It does the exact same thing. Please scroll back through the thread, the trials are somewhere on here. I have added this to my
  8. Hi Eugene, The link sais it uses finasteride and RU58841. Where is this available for hair? Sais it reduces sebaceous glands by 60%, certainly worth a look into further.
  9. Looks interesting.... https://dermira.com/pipeline/olumacostat-glasaretil/
  10. Dehydrated skin due to alcohol or dehydration due to not drinking any liquids results in skin that is both wrinkly un-plump and almost papery dry, but its also oily glazed in my experience. This isn't the same as hydrated skin which is also non-oily, although the mistake is made by many. How can u have both dry and oily skin at the same time, well it's dry in regards to moisture lvls, but still oily due to overactive sebaceous excretions. Just look at the old me when I didn't drink for a day a
  11. If I can chime in... all things aside this sounds like the best oily skin solution yet lool kidding I'v had this effect too, the only attribute I can think of is coenzyme A, see... http://hams.cc/metabolism/ and reference this part.... "Acetic acid is the essential component of vinegar. The acetic acid radical is the combining form of acetic acid. This acetic acid radical combines with Coenzyme A to form acetyl-CoA. The acetyl-CoA then enters the Krebs Cycle, which is the basic powerhouse o
  12. Not had a chance to come on here and reply, work stresses and all. Thanks guys for the words of support its really appreciated. And a very detailed reply! wow I've thought about what u said, and have been working on retraining my insulin response, I did some digging and found this..http://www.nhs.uk/news/2016/10October/Pages/A-ten-minute-walk-after-every-meal-effective-at-controlling-diabetes.aspx So I started walking for 10 minutes straight after every meal. I notice that I no longer get e
  13. Check out my Oily thread, maybe a few helpful parts..
  14. Check out my Oily thread, maybe a few helpful parts.
  15. A few hard truths: The good news is that Oily skin can be "controlled" by using a broad approach , however there is unfortunately a certain amount of egg-shells that you will end up having to walk on all of the time in terms of having to constantly be mindful of what you eat, what time you go to bed, are you holding any excess fat, did you exercise, are you stressed, will I be wearing this second helping of pizza on my face tomorrow.. etc..etc, Does this sound like fun? No it isn't, but i