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  1. I have never been able to find out whether MAC full-coverage is non-comedogenic or not and if not then just how comedogenic is it? I don't like to use it on it's own, but it makes a great foundation if you mix Studio Fix with Face and Body + A little Full-Coverage... flawless combination in the palette.
  2. I was wondering whether Spironolactone would effect males as well? I read it's sometimes used as hormone therapy for male to female transsexuals. Is it this which makes Spironolactone a treatment only to be used by women, or would it just not work in males?
  3. Started Mino myself yesterday, I'm 'combo-ing' it with Retin-A Micro. Shall see how I get on.... I'll let you know. Good luck with your's!
  4. Ah, yeah, with the regimen, it's advised you use lots, and on the Benzoyl I got that is a direct contradiction to the instructions xD On the stuff I have it says use a small amount in a small area... I used to do that. Didn't do ANYTHING though. Now I'm using it Dan's way, this stuff is a miracle atm lol Anyway, I hope it doesn't stop working for me. To be honest, i don't think it's going to Well, it's almost cleared me of acne; just leaving blotchy red marks and dry skin. Though, I have
  5. Thanks for the reply Yes, since my last post, having found this website, I've been following the 'regimen'... it's actually working 0__0 and I've suffered from this acne for years and now...well my skin is still crappy at the moment, yet I have very few spots recently. Still; I am getting some Mino in about a week; shall see if I can stop it dead, leaving my skin to recover from this heavy use of Benzoyl Peroxide xD
  6. Hmmm... I am planning to try this drug. I don't have bad acne (maybe would be considered moderate) and I have never tried anything like Roaccutane or even an antibiotic for acne before... Anyway, I for one, would appreciate hearing of your experience with this. You said you've tried mino before and it wasn't as fruitful as Roaccutane; but do you remember if it had any effect on your condition? Or was it just a lost cause completely? XxX