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  1. I was just wondering if someone could tell me what all the different spot things are called. i can't post any pics up though so i'll have to explain. Im almost 19 and my acne started about 3 years ago. at first it was all over my face , like these red sores. but after a while it just mostly clustered around my cheeks. it got really bad at one stage and it really flared up. there was like a cluster of like 15 red sores and these white ones which are easy to pop. I found out what the main cause wa
  2. thought i'd update you on how things were. so it's been about 6 months since i put that TCP on my cheeks. since the weather/winter has been bad my face hasn't got any sun light and i got white bleached patches on my cheeks which are noticeable are certin angles or close up. which knocks my confidence even lower! as for my acne. it's got slightly better. i've stopped eating any microwave ready meals completely and it has helped a lot. but it's still quite bad like. so is there any way i can get
  3. Hey everyone, havn't posted in ages. im male, 18 by the way and have suffered from acne for about 2 and half years now. for the past two months my doctor prescribed 'Zineryt' which you rub on your face twice a day. he said it should go with in 5 weeks but it's been over 2 months now and not much has changed. i havn't had as many spots, but i don't know if that's to do with me not picking at them as much. the problem is i keep having lots of red sores that just dont heal, and bleed if i cut them
  4. heys guys, i got def up of my acne one day that tried using TCP anticeptic liquid it says to put it on spots and sores. well most of my spots are clustered on the side of my cheeks. so i splashed some on my cheeks every night before i went to bed for about 3 nights. i thought it would like burn the spots off and leave my skin all soft and smooth. it didnt work! but not only that a week later my mother said i had a patch on my face. so i looked in the mirror and noticed that theres a white patch
  5. yer i think it's like a bruise or something. i had a boil and i popped it, and later on a little purple thing appeared there. the next time i washed my face i must of caught it and it stared bleeding. so i think its just bloodt, i'd leave it alone.
  6. hey everyone. i joined a few months ago but i havnt posted much. basically i still cant get rid of my acne. it's moderate acne i'd say. i've never had problems with spots or my skin until i was about 16. infact before i had acne i never used to wash my face much funnily enough. im 18 now and it just won't improve. i wash my face at least twice a day but its usually 3 times. sometimes it's even 4! but an hour after i wash my face my skin is still greecy :-/ i've tried using a flanel, i've tried
  7. Hi guys, i thought i'd join this forum. im 18, male and from the UK. i first started having acne when i was about 15 i think. this last year has been the worst how would i describe it? hmmm well its moderate i'd say. i get it on my face and top of my back. on my face most of the acne is on the side of my cheeks but there are a few on my forehead, chin etc. i wash my face in the morning and night. i tend to mix around the face washes i use. but no matter how much i wash it , they still appear