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  1. Thanks everyone. I guess I have some research to do about some other options! I am quite sure that for much of my life I had precisely the kind of acne the regimen is designed for...I guess I maybe came to it too late. But I'll take some time to figure that out before I make any changes. I appreciate your advice.
  2. OK, I guess I should have thought about this BEFORE starting. Anyway, I have been faithfully, precisely following the regimen for close to 3 weeks. I see no change whatsoever. I know not to expect miracles or full clearing so fast, but I did expect to see at least some improvement. The What to Expect page certainly led me to believe I would. So I've been really examining my skin closely. I am 45 & have had acne for more than 30 years (!). I still do break out occasionally here & there,
  3. Thank you! I have been looking for that sunscreen, but it's been out of stock so I haven't tried it yet. I definitely want to give it a try--anything would be better than my current best choice.
  4. Thanks, Kriszti--sorry about your experience, but it has further convinced me not to hurry. I guess I got spoiled by the very minimal (& ineffective) regimen I'd been following for so long. It didn't work, but it was quick!
  5. I saw a recent post on this, but would love some more info. Maybe I didn't pick the smartest time to start the regimen, but anyway, I'm about 8 days into it. School has just let out, & I will be spending many afternoons at the pool & long weekends at the beach with my children. I am always diligent about sunscreen (for all of us), and I sometimes even wear a wide-brimmed hat (this one is hard; I feel very self-conscious in it.) I know that theoretically it is better to avoid the sun
  6. Thanks. The explanation makes sense to me, & I will definitely follow the advice about getting that bp all the way dry before moisturizing. I will continue to follow the regimen to the letter for now; perhaps later I will experiment with shortening the wait after cleansing.
  7. I just started a week ago, so I haven't seen any progress yet or had any problems. I have been scrupulous about starting slowly and following the directions precisely. I know that one feature of the regimen is the lengthy process of putting the various products on. I accept that--but it is driving me crazy! It's really adding a lot of time to my morning routine especially. But if that's the way it has to be, I'll make it work. But I'm curious about *why* it has to be that way. What would happ
  8. Oh! What helpful responses! I am so grateful for your time and encouragement. I am definitely going to give it a try, then. I will be sure to follow the advice--and instructions--to begin very slowly. I will try the NOTS mixture too--sounds promising. And I''ll look forward to the new SPF-containing moisturizer. And thanks for the Post-It note tip--never thought of that one! Good to know.
  9. Hi. Please forgive me if this info is in an obvious spot; I haven't found the precise info in my search attempts so far. Anyway, I am on the verge of trying the Regimen but have a few fears, which maybe some experienced users can allay (or confirm). I am 45 years old, and female, and have suffered from acne since adolescence. Right now, the breakouts are much milder. My pores are huge. What really bothers me much more is the extreme oiliness of my skin. I use blotting papers (constantly) and p