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  1. Has anyone out there had smoothbeam and fraxel?
  2. Off pixel topic, but I love CNN and NBC news but they are both totally biased as well.
  3. Thanks so much for the fast reply.
  4. jenfen


    I thought scarzone was just a different, yet simialr type of mederma. I looked at both in the store and they seem to be for the same thing and work in the same way. If so, mederma didnt work at all for me and made my face breakout. Jen
  5. This was a really weird thread. I sometimes worry that my doctor may read these types of, sites because i know of some that do. But, if I only had positive things to say I wouldnt mind saying the name of the doctor and price. Maybe capshaw thought we would rush his doctors and he would have to wait longer for an appointment. How selfish!!! Hee
  6. I had dermabrasion but not with Dr. Y. My doctor did not go very deep and he told me as such when he performed the surgery. He wanted to go in incremental steps. Therefore, I believe already present scarrring was not really improved. I actually got more scars and my ice picks look worse everyday. The worst is that my face has turned dark brown and white....it almost looks like indian skin with vitiligo(hypopigmentated spots). I am a white blonde, blue eyed female. The doctor was surprised
  7. I know MediSpa of Memphis on wolf river does restylane as well as Dr. Langsdon in Germantown. Dr. Turner-a dermatologist in Bartlett does restylane injections as well. The majority of plastic surgeons in the area have restylane available. Dr. Langsdon is an excellent surgeon as is Dr. Wallace-who I am unsure if has it or not. Hope this helps.
  8. I am surprised that no one on that board thought 16,000 was too much, at least in one lump sum for me. It doesnt even make sense for the harvesting and technique and anesthesia, hopsital fees, doctor fees and the area of the country it is in. I would think 6,000 would be more reasonable than 16,000, it is around 4,000 to 5,000 where I am located. Maybe because this doctor can charge more because he patented the lipostructure technique that can really help fix things permanently. By the way,
  9. jenfen


    Good luck to all. I hope all of you are making some progress with your scars. Jen