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  1. NEOVA Smoothing Gel. It smooths the skin & exfoliates, helps even tone. Thanks, I am going to check it out today, I hope canada has it.
  2. Hello everyone, Have you ever found a product that actually worked in either smoothing, firming or that even your skin? I read about these ones: Future-e by l'oreal Skin genesis serum by l'oreal but haven't tried any yet. Thanks!
  3. Maybe go to your doctor and see what they think. They might just put you on a topical cream that will help.
  4. Go for accutane. I was scared about going on it..but nothing has happened so far and I am almost done with it. People react to it differently but nothing I cant handle, Like nose bleeds..sore back..some dry skin. I started out on 30mg daily.
  5. Hello, I am going to my doctor tomorrow and I was wondering can she do the cortisone injection? Is there any topical cream that she can give that with help with the it? I am not totally sure what to call it...It is hard and has been under my skin for probably over 2 weeks, never has come to a head, just sits there getting slowly bigger..And I have not touched it but it still gets larger. I have tried the baking soda mask, aspirin mask, tea tree oil, pro-active mask...I am on accutane alre
  6. My parents are pretty supportive but I feel like the dont really understand. No one really does unless they know what it is like. Take it into your own hands and make your own appointments at the derm or doc...Dont count on them.
  7. Yep, you hit that one right on the head. If you've already tried everything else to no avail, and your derm will prescribe it, I say go for it.
  8. I think I am kind of in the same place. All though my skin isnt very dry at the moment. I do have my up and downs. Personally I have just started to look into a low dose of accutane. Have you visited your doc or derm lately? I think I may make a visit to see if I should go for accutane. Good luck in your choices.
  9. Hello, New here. I have had acne since I was maybe about 12..I am 22 now. I have tried everything under the sun except accutane because I am scaried of the initial breakout and side-effects. Here are some pictures from today...I have a few that are under the skin that are hard..I hate those. I do have a question: Does everyone who goes on accutane get a bad initial breakout? ( I think I would only want togo on a low dose) Would that lessen the bad breakouts in the beginning? I have a job tha