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  1. What is the difference between seborrheic dermatitis and steroid induced rosacea?? I had dry/red skin and my derm prescribed me desonide for it. I used it for like 4 months...since then my skin is in worse condition. A different derm diagnosed me with seb derm, however I think it could be steroid induced rosacea? Sometimes the redness and dryness goes into remission for a few days, however, is this a characteristic of steroid induced rosacea? thanks
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a moisturizure that is anti-inflammatory, anti-redness that would not be irritating or anything like that. Any good suggestions? Thanks
  3. I saw that someone mentioned Soap Bark and Chamomille Deep Cleansing Cream from Burt's Bees...Has anyone had any success with that??? I'm just looking for something to reduce redness/inflammation/irritation I believe that I have from seb derm... thanks
  4. I've been dealing with sebohrreic derm and had posted another thread about it. Just one quick question though...My face had been improving but its still red/inflamed/irritated on my cheeks under my eyes. My dermatologist had prescribed me a new hydrocortisone/anti-fungal cream about 3 weeks ago. I've only used it twice and washed it off after about 10 minutes each time because my face turned quite red in the areas that I applied it. I thought perhaps by just not putting anything on my face
  5. So I've used the nixoral shampoo for about a week or so, and it's definately helped with dryness/flaking (pretty much completely gone). However, i still have some redness and irritation on my cheeks....any suggestions for something I could pick up from like CVS or something? thanks
  6. yea i mite try the vaselline tonight... Does anyone think trying exfolliation would help with this?? I've never really done and was reading about it some on here....which method would work best?
  7. I just picked up some Nizoral dandruff shampoo and put it onto my face and left it there for like 5 minutes then washed it off....is this the correct way to use it? or should it be left on longer? I felt i cooling sensation, hopefully it is not irritating Can anyone that has used Nizoral before tell me if it helped clear redness and reduce the pain/tightness felt throughout the day?? My main problem areas are the sides of my nose and my cheeks How often should I use the Nizoral and how soon w
  8. Yea i think i might pick up some of the Nizoral from CVS today...did it also help with redness/irritation (those are my main issues)?? Are there any other products, lotions, etc. i should pick up at the store? I'm also concerned i may have steroid rosacea since i was using denoside (hydrocortisone) for like 2 months daily...i've seen some people recommend eiledel, is that good? I'm just trying to figure out what I can go get without a prescription today since I just saw a derm who gave me a di
  9. To clarify, when i put the hydrocortisone/lodoquin cream on my face, there is not really any irritation, but my face turns quite red in the areas i put it. I've only put it on twice, and both times I washed it off after a few minutes because of this extra redness. Should i try it again and leave it on, or is the redness a sign that i should not be using it?? someone please?
  10. hmm, i kind of thought steroid and cortisone creams were basically the same thing?? I mite try that dandruff shampoo thing, was that prescription or just like regular shampoo you would use for hair??...also was your skin inflamed and feeling tight before you used it?? thanks for the help...im just trying to make sure our cases are similar before I try something cuz I'm worried anything I try will make it worse
  11. so here's the quick story... My skin had always been a little dry around my nose, but barely noticeable except for occasional flaking after showering...So i just had used general body lotion to solve that (yes it was scented, which i now know is really bad), but I never really had a problem until like a year ago I put someone after I had been outside and was sweating...it stung pretty badly and I noticed the next day on my cheeks and nose where I had put the lotion my face was really dry/red, a