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    Very excited about going on Accutane.<br />My interests are having skin freedom. I've had to work for every piece of beauty I possess. I was very overweight when I was younger and I lost 50lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I had extremely crooked teeth, just got my braces off on May 19th. My skin is the next thing in line. 5 months til my confidence is BACK!!!

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  1. Hello hello! Wow, it's been over a month? I don't mean to not post, but like I said in my last post..it's tough finding the time. Plus, if I analyzed my face as much as I used to I'd probably still hate it..even though it IS acne free. I'm coming to the end of my third month, and it feels so good to say that. I've got 2 months left, and I'm suffering minimal side effects. The dry lips have got to be the worst part. My skin is dry too, but it's not flaky or anything anymore without scabs f
  2. DAY 55 I know it's been a while. I'm back at school so getting online every night to write this is a little harder for various reasons. Skin: It isn't looking good. My forehead is covered in zits, the count being at least 6. They're deep and painful, and there are scabs all over as well. Good thing I have bangs, I probably wouldn't leave my room if I didn't have them to cover this mess. The rest of my face, though, is virtually acne free besides one little clogged pore. The left side o
  3. I didn't think I'd be at all concerned with drinking while on Accutane, but I have a bit of a pickle. I'm getting my bloodwork done next Tuesday or Wednesday, and I'm going out tonight and I'd like to drink. I really just want 2-3 shots of vodka, that's all. What do you guys think? I'd rather get my prescription of Accutane than be able to drink tonight, but at the same time I feel like it's not going to be too harmful. Who has drank this close to their bloodtest?
  4. jdruler - Haha, thanks. It wasn't really a breakout, though, it's just scattered small clogged pores that pop up. DAY 47 Skin: Forehead: various scabs and 2 zits. Right side of face: 2 medium sized scabs, and 2 tiny scabs above my lip. Left side of face: 1 scab on cheek, 2 scabs on chin, 1 scab above my upper lip. Oil that I was mentioning all before really has ceased on my face since getting my period. I'd also like to add that my dryness is not unbearable at all, I couldn't be asking fo
  5. Nobody reads this lol. Anyway.. DAY 46 Skin: Messy, messy, messy. Forehead has some scattered small actives and some scabs..for the count I'd say 7. Most are real tiny, though, and by my hairline and 2 on my eyebrow which aren't noticeable. Luckily I have my bangs to cover that mess. Anyway, right side of my face has 2 scabs on my cheeks from actives I just popped and put neosporin on. Left side has a scab on my cheek, 3 on my mouth/top lip (that are really dying down, but still flaky), t
  6. DAY 45 Skin: I guess..I'm just wondering when the pimples will stop. I had a completely clear forehead yesterday, and today I've got a few little red clogged pores and one zit. Come on!!! The right side of my face also has 2 clogged pores, one below my nose and one on my cheek. Then the left is healing nicely. I've just got the very unnoticeable scab on my cheek, 2 around my mouth/on my lip, and 3 scabs on my chin. I guess they won't be completely healed by the time I go back to school o
  7. DAY 44 Skin: Forehead is clear, and the right side of my face as well. The left side has a scab on my cheek still, and others disappearing around my mouth and on my chin. Basically this is going to be the report for the next few days I believe until these scabs heal. Also, the oil is ceasing which is nice I guess. But scabs get all flaky again. Other potential side effects: Fiber was easier to eat today for some reason. Mood:
  8. DAY 43 Skin: Things are looking better today. Obviously scabs heal with time, so each day I should feel a bit better about how things look. My forehead is completely clear, and may I say..wow. It's hardly got red marks and it just looks good to me. I'm not being all OCD about my bangs flying away and showing my forehead because I'm not embarrassed by it! The right side of my face is clear as well. The left side of my face still has 3 scabs on the corner of my mouth/upper lip, and still 4
  9. museum - Hey, thank you for your reply. It looks like it was just dehydration, I need to take it more seriously. Thank you so much for your comment about my skin as well, always nice to hear. Good luck to you on your course as well, that one month mark will be here before you know it. DAY 42 - 6 WEEK MARK Skin: Literally no acne right now, just scabs and old actives that are drained and healing. Forehead still has one vvvery tiny healing scab. Right side of my face has the smallest of sma
  10. DAY 41 Skin: Sigh, worst part of a healing breakout is all these red flaky scabs. Forehead just has 1 itty bitty scab. Right side of my face has 1 scab and it looks like one clogged pore popped up, it's just a tiny tiny red bump. Left side is a mess, though. There's a scab on my cheek, 4 big scabs by the corner of my mouth/on my lip, and my chin has 3 scabs. I konw they're just healinggg. I just don't like this part I guess. Anyway, I'm still oily. Other potential side effects: I have
  11. DAY 40 Skin: Everything is healing so nicely. Putting a dap of neosporin on stuff is really helping it heal, and not leaving red marks!! Anyway, forehead count is just 1 scab. Right side of my face has 2 scabs. Left side of my face has about 3 scabs around my mouth, 1 on my cheek, and about 3 on my chin. These aren't bugging me as of late. Half of them aren't even noticeable so I'm happy. Skin is still oily. I found that scrubbing my hair better with shampoo helped a bit of the oily hai
  12. DAY 39 Skin: I think I'm just going to do an area-of-face active/healing scab count from now on? Forehead has 2 veryyy small scabs. The right side of my face has 2 healing actives. The left side of my face still has the healing scabs/actives on the side of my my mouth, they're definitely going down nicely. I've also got a scab on my cheek, and 2 on my chin. Things don't look as messy anymore because I can point out and count how many actives/scabs I have so . My skin is still oily, and so
  13. Thanks DAY 38 Skin: Things are still messy. Forehead just has 3 little healing scabs. Right side of my face has a possible active, and another scab. Then the very messy right side has a good amount of scabs and actives. I can't even count because it's so messy. All around my mouth is a disaster, then scabs on my chin and on my cheek. I can't catch a break, I really can't. This is the mild part of the breakout leading up to a bigger mess when it actually comes, it's so annoying. I'm t
  14. DAY 37 Skin: Forehead is just 3 little tiny scabs. Right side of face has one active and one scab, small ones though that aren't really bugging me at all. Left side just still has the actives and scabs around my mouth, then a few scabs on my chin as well. If this is all like pre-menstrual breaking out, it's definitely smaller than it's everrrrr been which is something nice to say. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, I do have a good 11 days to go before my period. I've also still got oil.
  15. LATOO - Thanks! You'll get there, it'll be here before you know it DAY 36 Skin: Blah. Forehead's got 3 clogged pores and a zit. My right cheek is no longer completely clear, as 2 clogged pores showed their heads. Then the left side of my mouth, my god. Full of scabbing and 2 huge actives. Then right on my lip I've got a bump which hurts like hell. This is killing me, I need it to go away, I'm so tired of looking at it and feeling the pain. I feel like the same thing is going to happen