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  1. You might try starting your own thread so as not to take away from the original poster's dilemma...
  2. Are you out of your mind!? I only had 15% percent on my arms and I am still not healed and that was month ago. Your talking about 35-50%!? I wouldn't do it if I were you.
  3. Ok, I have posted my 30 day album. Still red in the face and arms but I just started using some Elidel and the other topicals. Doc says it will be a couple months before I am fully brown again. Overall I'm pleased wit my face except for the blotchy look but I'm hoping that will go away soon B) No trouble with breakouts or anything, still using my Differin and Lustra and also the ACV. Enjoy!
  4. I think so. My Dr. has quoted a price of $250 for IPL treatment and I will probably need 4 or 5. I'm in Va....
  5. Well, go on with your SEXY Self...wow you are healing up nicely!!! your day 22 pics are wonderful and the ones with you and the make up are GREAT!!! What type of make up do you use? Aurelia
  6. That´s so great for ya, 2rttn4u! I was actually going to ask if you ever thought of putting some emu oil on your arms too, but it looks like you´re on the right track with what you´re doing. Plus, I´m not too sure if you can fit it in the reg, if it´s okay to use with what you use now, if it would even help, etc. I saw a thread in the reg section that was talking about emu oil. I want to try it out cuz I´ve been on the reg 5 weeks now, and it´s GREAT, but I still get 1 or
  7. Thanks guys, I'm feeling much better now about having done this to my face! I was feeling very discouraged early on. Now that I can see at least some improvement I am for the first time feeling good about it. Posted new pics (day 22) and I'll post again next week for the 30 day mark.
  8. Aure, Ro Ro, everybody....I have seen some good improvement I started last week using that ACV and my products. My skin color has come in good on my face and I haven't seen a bump in weeks! That ACV is pretty good stuff. My arms are filling in too. I noticed on my face, the darker marks are fading now, maybe they just needed time. Its been about 23 days now (there is hope) I may only need to do the IPL on my arms! yay I will post some new pics this evening when I get home....