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  1. i tried the buffering lotion based on reviews from this site. everybody was raving about it. it did absolutely nothing for me. the drying lotion has similar reviews so i might give it a try at some point maybe it will be different. i never paid attention to the main ingredients in these two. you might wanna take a look at that.
  2. i have the same issue as you. skin doesn't look dry or flaky only when i put the foundation on. i disagree with the exfoliation method beforehand that some suggested (i already exfoliate and this wouldn't help me); all that does for me is rub more dead skin cells and not 100% will leave my face and will still get that flaky look. my sugestion is add a primer. since i added a primer this has helped. also i've noticed that when i apply the liquid with a foundation foundation brush or sponge i ge
  3. i'm 23 and i'm pretty new to make-up as well. started using it for the first time about 6 months ago. (i once used concealer as all-over-the-face foundation and didn't realize it until months later; to demonstrate my once newbness towards make-up). my experiences. my face is also dry. 1. everything is overwhelming so i started slow. 1st goal: find a method of applying it and find a core product (the foundation for me would be the core item, the primer, and other stuff would just make my fou
  4. hey are u still around? what kind of skin do you have? i have skin on the dry side and wondering if the hard candy primer would be good for that. because of the dryness my foundation looks flaky and patchy.
  5. i get called out on being pale. not really in an insult way. kind of like i get called out for being short; "hey shorty" its usually nothing mean spirited.
  6. still no responses. well i've decided to use BP then 20 minutes later put on mandelic acid. i've been doing it in this order for around 1 week. i just hope that one won't make the other not work or... i'll update later
  7. i would definitely give it more time. give it at least 3 months. why would going to your old products help? did your old products keep 100% clear, no so i don't think you're going to solve much. stopping the differin and the benzaclin shouldn't make a difference maybe you'll start breaking out like u used to again but it shouldn't get worse. however stopping the antbiotics could result in your acne getting worse. i don't wanna scare you, it might or it might not (the risk you take by taking an
  8. i feel ya. mines a little different. sometimes i get some acne on one side and then a day or so i'll get the exact same pimple/ spot, whatever exactly symmetrical on the other side of my face in the exact same spot.
  9. this is pretty much blatant spam. can mods delete this?
  10. watching some comedy and thought this acne bit was funny. you'll get a big fat pimple once in a while and you just think to yourself, "ugh god why? why me?" you ever look at homeless people, they have not one pimple, perfect clear skin. seriously, what are these homeless doing in their skin regimen that i'm not doing. i got my proactive, my cleanser, my toner but nothing, maybe whiskey is the secret ingredient.
  11. I really suggest not looking in mirrors or at your reflection in whatever throughout the day; just look in a mirror in the morning when you get ready and before you go to sleep. I find that I'll feel okay or have this notion that my skin isn't so bad and then I'll look in the mirror and start obsessing over the redness, that nasty spot, etc. and eventually my feeling okay mood is shot to crap. If you don't look in the mirror there's the chance that you won't feel the need to squeeze that pimple
  12. Well, I was on tretinoin 0.05% for a few months before going on Differin, so my initial breakout was more from the tretinoin (which was horrible and lasted 3-4 months). But my IB from Differin started at week 3 and lasted about 2 weeks, and it was much more mild. I went on retinoids more for plugged comedones and whiteheads... and honestly my skin is still worse than where it was when I started, but it's definitely improving. I'm at week 8, but I just added Duac today, so I'll let you know if
  13. i've been on differin 3.5 months so far. for me the initial breakout started around the 3rd week and lasted around a month. even after that i still broke out but not as bad. even now i still have some acne but no new acne is forming. i'm giving it the recommended 4-6 months as opposed to just 3 months since a lot of people seem to be really satisfied with it after 6 months and those with complaints either gave it less than 3 months or ditched it at the 3 month mark because they weren't clear.
  14. A while ago I came across how Dan is in the works of developing a BP for spot treatment and when I was researching spot treating with Dan's current BP others members were against it saying it was meant to be used all over the face. I don't understand why the BP wouldn't be effective as a spot treatment, and why you need a different system for spot treating than the whole face. It just sounds weird, why would the two products differ?
  15. bump really no one uses this combination?