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  1. Well I've been on botchla's regimen for about a week and I've noticed similar results. Also, my overall skin tone and color has improved somewhat (still have red spots tho). I think this is because of the microbeads in the scrub. I've now added tazorac and doxycycline to botchla's so we'll see how that goes...
  2. Lumas or anyone, how do you know that your skin won't return to the way it was before once you stop doing any type of flushing?
  3. If it was painful, maybe you should reconsider doing it altogether. It might be more harmful than beneficial. Good luck.
  4. Hey I have a regimen similar to yours, though I've found that glycolic acid makes me break out more frequently where the bumps are redder and bigger than usual. Even though it did cause the bumps to leave quicker than usual, it was also the reason why they were there. And about the Queen Helene Masque you used... Is that the first time you used the masque? What does it do? Does it reduce oil? pimple size? And where did you get it?
  5. The microbeads might irritate your skin. I guess you can test it on a small spot on the side of your face and see how it goes :eek:
  6. I've recently started using a 10% BP cream that after awhile cause my skin to itch slightly. 2.5% doesn't itch at all, so maybe you could try to use that or try using less cream than u're currently using. I'm also trying Botchla's regimen now, though I wouldn't use it in the shower since you said that the BP cream already irritates you. It's best not to get it anywhere else. I've noticed that the continuous control wash (with 10% BP) causes my skin to tingle when I use it. Though this regimen h
  7. BM745: Has the spot changed at all? Does it at least seem to be healing? spots_be_gone: what percentage of glycolic acid did you use?
  8. MechE06

    Zinc Oxide

    Did this cream even fade very old red marks? Have you noticed any irritation at all? Keep us posted.
  9. Wow, I'm glad you're having so much fun there. Can't say the same for my summer tho How's your skin doing after all the beer and swimming in sewage?
  10. Hi Nico and Denise I think I read in another post that you cleared up your acne with flushing Denise, have you had any new flare-ups since you've started flushing? And Nico, how has flushing helped you?