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  1. I agree avoiding gluten is not the cure, it is simple to avoid in modern times, did it for 3 years, no change in any symptoms. But those who do have issues with it, re-introducing it will cause problems again.
  2. @Lio98 I never had severe libido issues, but everything is working perfectly now. Only time will tell for you, this is an experiment that very few have tried. I hope that these issues like severe sexual sides and severe dry eyes (Meibomian gland dysfunction) can be helped by low VA. Getting VA out is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Normal liver on normal western diet can hold over 2yrs worth of VA, and we are not sure what accutane does to this excretion. Focusing on low VA foods, rice,b
  3. @Lio98 Discussion group here: https://ggenereux.blog/discussion/ And the free ebooks: https://ggenereux.blog/my-ebooks/
  4. @Lio98 Sorry to hear about your PAS issues. No success stories because this is still not solved, I am in the low vitamin A self experimentation group. I am now at 1.5yrs on the diet and it is slowly healing all my symptoms, but I won't know if this is a success story until about ~3yrs. As the liver can hold ~2yrs worth of vitamin A from a normal diet, and we are not sure what high dose retinoic acid does to this hypothesis. There are other accutane users on Grant's forum posting their stor
  5. Just wanted to note my experience, accutane has not shut down my sebum production, post tane put mine in overdrive, they are damaged in a different way. Did lengthy experimentation with both arginine and citrulline, and pretty much all the other isolate amino acids, no change in symptoms. That said everyone's body is in a different state, experimentation is key.
  6. @Calcified gotu kola is high in carotenoids, which will add to the amount of retinol to detox. I suspect the reported liver damage from gotu kola is caused by the vitamin A content. gotu kola also effects alcohol consumption, inline with VA damage on the liver.
  7. Would need to investigate the symptoms relations to lowered T4 levels probably. VA(Retinol binding protein) and thyroid(Thyroxine T4) are transported by transthyretin(prealbumin) protein, this is how too much vitamin A causes hypothyroidism.
  8. Hey @Calcified, my T was midline after accutane 15.2nmol (7.6 - 31.4 range) and free T was low 35.4 (31 - 94 range). I plan to test as many variables as I can this Fall when hit 2yrs low VA diet. T, DHT, DHEA, LH, Estro, thyroid, VA, iron, copper, zinc, etc. Some things symptom wise related, I have the best libido in years, less shrinkage, excellent nocturnal and morning wood, good volume and no PE or lasting issues. Right after accutane had the normal lowered libido issues, but like I
  9. Thanks moron, took accutane twice and did not clear my acne, done all the idiot advice you have suggested over the years. Go read about how carotenoids are removed from our bodies. So no sugar and yogurt is the cure, but taking accutane is the cure... dumb. Acne is excess sebum, the bacteria need a food source, no excess sebum no acne, the bacteria are always there. Retinoic acid does something to the sebum glands, accutane destroys them, excess retinoic acid disrupts them, carotenoids
  10. Carotenoids are plant retinol, yes they do contribute to vitamin A toxicity. Your body cleaves them into retinol, and into the liver they go Complete udder non-sense, yea all the people on this forum cured their acne from dropping sugar and eating yogurt. /s I think molybdenum from whole grains and legumes would be safe amounts. There have been few results on RP site and Grant's, this experiment is just hitting the 1.5yr mark, all showing the very s
  11. Two studies from ~50years ago showing that the vitamin A toxicity issues were already present, this is why we get acne in the first place. --- Vitamin A and carotene levels of a selected population in metropolitan Washington, D. C. https://sci-hub.tw/10.1093/ajcn/26.9.992 286 micrograms Vit A per gram of liver is diagnostically Vitamin A toxic. 1 mmol Vit A / gram of liver = 286ug Vit A / g of liver 24.2% (80 / 329 subjects) were Vitamin A toxic (300ug/g in liver, rega
  12. Ya getting rid of retinol uses up B1 same as alcohol. Going low VA means needing to support B1/B2 intake, this is where brown rice and legumes/beans are super important. If possible start with minuscule portions and work these into the diet. refined grains can induced B1 deficiencies.
  13. First ~6 months was very strict, but yes I include peeled fruits, white vegg, but not as staples. Use oatmeal once in awhile, but it is problematic for some, it has the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which seems to cause issues more so then carotene for some.
  14. Yes lean beef, white/brown rice combo, black/white/lima beans for most meals. This pretty much a traditional diet in many geographies, meat, starch and legumes. Staple zero vitA foods: lean beef, lean chicken/turkey, egg white, non fatty fish, nuts high oleic safflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil wholegain sprouted bread, pasta, rice, potato, beans, oatmeal, white corn, non-fortified flours turnip, celery and its root, parsnip, onion, garlic, radish, olives, pickles,