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  1. Doing well 2+ years in, only thing that has worked so far. Almost all are still progressing on Grant's forum.
  2. Plasmapheresis would help with auto-immune anti-bodies, it is cheap in most countries. Donating blood/plasma could help with this too.
  3. @DeepAcceptance I am now at over 2yrs on the low VA diet, it is the only thing that has helped with accutane sides for me, I am planning another 2yrs on strict low VA, as I ate a diet extremely high in dairy, eggs, liver, cod liver oil, and all the high VA fruits/vegg along with two rounds of accutane. Depends on how old you are, your VA intake, and accutane dosage, but I suspect 2-4yrs average to get most people down to bottom levels of liver and tissue VA storage. Best of luck, remember
  4. I have done a 50 day Breuss juice fast and couple 20 day water fasts. No PAS improvements, but they were done while I was still consuming large amounts of vitamin A.
  5. Good discussion on cholestryamine and lowering vitamin A metabolites, activated charcoal and beans (soluble fiber) are good as well. [Edited link out]
  6. Hey @Warrah How long did you make on the low VA diet? 2 years tomorrow for me, and still seeing positive progress. Depleting stored VA from liver and fat tissues takes a long time. Supplements I continue to experiment with(part of VA excretion pathways): Alli-B1, Vit K, Taurine, and Molybdenum.
  7. Could be speeding up your stored retins excreting (purging). Iron is critical part of the enzymes in the end points of the retinol pathway to excretion (creating retinoic acids).
  8. FIN will only make things worse from what I have read of those that tried it to oppose TANE. FIN will lock in the vitamin A.
  9. Curious what he ate, but the above is a low vitamin A diet.
  10. I agree avoiding gluten is not the cure, it is simple to avoid in modern times, did it for 3 years, no change in any symptoms. But those who do have issues with it, re-introducing it will cause problems again.
  11. @Lio98 I never had severe libido issues, but everything is working perfectly now. Only time will tell for you, this is an experiment that very few have tried. I hope that these issues like severe sexual sides and severe dry eyes (Meibomian gland dysfunction) can be helped by low VA. Getting VA out is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Normal liver on normal western diet can hold over 2yrs worth of VA, and we are not sure what accutane does to this excretion. Focusing on low VA foods, rice,b
  12. @Lio98 Discussion group here: [Edited link out] And the free ebooks: [Edited link out]
  13. @Lio98 Sorry to hear about your PAS issues. No success stories because this is still not solved, I am in the low vitamin A self experimentation group. I am now at 1.5yrs on the diet and it is slowly healing all my symptoms, but I won't know if this is a success story until about ~3yrs. As the liver can hold ~2yrs worth of vitamin A from a normal diet, and we are not sure what high dose retinoic acid does to this hypothesis. There are other accutane users on Grant's forum posting their stor
  14. Just wanted to note my experience, accutane has not shut down my sebum production, post tane put mine in overdrive, they are damaged in a different way. Did lengthy experimentation with both arginine and citrulline, and pretty much all the other isolate amino acids, no change in symptoms. That said everyone's body is in a different state, experimentation is key.
  15. @Calcified gotu kola is high in carotenoids, which will add to the amount of retinol to detox. I suspect the reported liver damage from gotu kola is caused by the vitamin A content. gotu kola also effects alcohol consumption, inline with VA damage on the liver.