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  1. Funny you put that you guys are friends with benefits in your post. Do you want everyone to know your a whore?
  2. Where's the before pics? and when a celebrity says they have the worst acne in the world that usually means a couple zits on the chin.
  3. In a few weeks it'll be a year since finishing my 7 month accutane course. I still have facial redness and dryness, my lips are still chapped, but compared to using a stick a week Ive been using the same one for about a month now. Basically I still have all the effects just diminishing over time. Hopefully they'll be gone for good in a year or so judging by my progress so far.
  4. I sometimes wish i lived in the wild west era. No advertisements on tv telling us how shitty we look with acne, and all the other things we are told to do to improve our self. Just guns, horses and whiskey. Damn.
  5. Random post but maybe I could help some people out. I used to shower every morning with fairly how water. I have started showering once maybe twice a week been doing this for a few months now and my face is looking great. This seems to have solved my facial redness problem dont know if it will help anyone eles. I take baths when I wanna feel fresh, i think its feminine lol but hey do what you gotta do right.
  6. ive seen people with bad acne scarring grow damn thick beards. Im only 19 aswell and i do think thats the scars have slowed down the growth of my beard hair. But like i said im only 19 in positive in about 4 years i will have a lumber jack beard. Hairyness runs in my family
  7. True, but this is not "real" help. Words of confidence and motivation yes. As we all know, words are cheap, and actions speak louder than words. But in the case of self-pity/empathy versus any words of confidence, self-pity/empathy speak louder on the internet and the org. I guess so. Its really all up to the person when they decide to stop all the obsessing over their skin. We all know that we have the choice to forget about our acne. Its as simple as saying, "F*** it, I got acne, wha
  8. Good quotes I liked all of them. But dont expect to much feedback, people here seem to prefer pitying themselves and one another then to listen to words of wisdom. Topics like " so and so said something about my face!", tend to stay around longer then the topics like this one, that offer real help rather then sympathy.
  9. some of my scars are still red after about a year and a half of getting them, and i think its still going to be a while before the redness goes away at least another year at this rate.
  10. Its funny how everyone here seems to think that once their acne is gone its smooth sailing till the day they die. Ill tell ya my skin is clear now but I still have enough problems in my life. Sure not having acne will give you more confidence but thats about it folks. So heres some advice. Live Life like you dont have any acne, because believe me, one day your skin is going to be clear. Cant that be enough motivation to start living your life? Remember when you were 5? probably not. And y
  11. Oh man I used this stuff for a couple weeks and hated it. Didnt improve my scars and my my face so oily I looked like such a greaser kid. I also broke out with this stuff and I havent got any real acne in a year since accutane but this shit broke me out.
  12. Im nearly a year post accutane and i still take forever to heal. I got road rash on my forehead over a month ago and its still red. About a week ago my friend got some road rash on his forehead (lol) almost identical to mine and It has almost completely healed.
  13. Im pretty sure I used to have BDD. As a kid I would literally rip the hairs out of my arms with my fingers. I hated the sight of any body hair on me (you never see hairy people on tv). I picked myself apart and despised my "flaws". I started to workout at the young age of 13 because girls liked ripped bodies right? The media messed me big time as a kid, I dont usually like to put the blame on other people or things but I really believed the media screwed with my head big time. Always bein
  14. Your not confident because you look young and you can't grow a beard? Dude, first off, looking young is a REALLY good thing. I'm sure you don't look like a 13 year old or anything so how can looking young at 25 be bad? and most girls dont even like guys with facial hair or would much rather prefer the clean smooth look. I really think you should post a picture of yourself so we can prove you wrong. Theirs nothing to be so self conscious about man. how can you say most girls like clean sha