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  1. One_Love


    Garlic is only good for your cardiovascular It might kill some toxins but I doubt its that sucessfull for skin problems to take really focus on I know this a diet/holistic forum, but have you tried AHA?
  2. One_Love

    The Vitamin Quest

    ehhh no way
  3. One_Love

    Increase circulation?

    Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! Get up and do it! ____ as for supplements, (dont relay on supplements) Magnesium Oxide 400mg/day Hawthorn Berry Extract (Follow the directions on the bottle) Celery Seed Extract (Follow the directions on the bottle) L-Arginine 2grams 3x a day, Don't take more than double this dose that's about it, theres probably more but you should really should focus on cardio
  4. high protein and low carbs works for me
  5. chocolate can make acne more severe if you eat a good amount of it for me at least
  6. One_Love

    Why dont Fat people have acne???

    I think its false, Overweight people tend not to take care of themselves and deal with more acne related problems.
  7. One_Love


    On and Off, St. John's wart helped a lot though.
  8. I get real sad from time to time, but I hide it so well that no one could ever tell. But deep inside, late at night, early in the day, when I'm alone, I feel so miserable.
  9. One_Love

    If you were acne free.

    weight lifted off my shoulders, it'll take some time to adjust to the new lifestyle, but i would love every moment of it.
  10. I get sad a lot inside but no one could ever tell. I hide it so well.
  11. One_Love

    Seriously, can I be THIS sensitive???

    I think so too, this normally doesn't happen
  12. I still eat dairy but in small amounts. although i miss it s much.
  13. One_Love

    RatherBeSkatings Accutane Log!

    I'm getting breakouts on my forehead, like a lot. Never had this problem before.
  14. One_Love

    What Are the best supplements for acne?

    Actually just stick to Cod Liver Oil.