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  1. Garlic is only good for your cardiovascular It might kill some toxins but I doubt its that sucessfull for skin problems to take really focus on I know this a diet/holistic forum, but have you tried AHA?
  2. Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! Get up and do it! ____ as for supplements, (dont relay on supplements) Magnesium Oxide 400mg/day Hawthorn Berry Extract (Follow the directions on the bottle) Celery Seed Extract (Follow the directions on the bottle) L-Arginine 2grams 3x a day, Don't take more than double this dose that's about it, theres probably more but you should really should focus on cardio
  3. chocolate can make acne more severe if you eat a good amount of it for me at least
  4. I think its false, Overweight people tend not to take care of themselves and deal with more acne related problems.
  5. On and Off, St. John's wart helped a lot though.
  6. I get real sad from time to time, but I hide it so well that no one could ever tell. But deep inside, late at night, early in the day, when I'm alone, I feel so miserable.
  7. weight lifted off my shoulders, it'll take some time to adjust to the new lifestyle, but i would love every moment of it.
  8. I get sad a lot inside but no one could ever tell. I hide it so well.
  9. I still eat dairy but in small amounts. although i miss it s much.
  10. I'm getting breakouts on my forehead, like a lot. Never had this problem before.