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  1. well im posting cause i dont want to leave my people out. to make a note this is week 13, my face is 95% clear, i have maybe 3 small pimples. I have weaved off doxy and differin for 1.5 weeks and have only been using the aveeno clear complexion wash and mama lotion every other day at night. i wash my face with the wash only 2x a day and i was with lukewarm water whenever i sweat throughout the day. I have to say that the lithium was the primary reason that my acne came and being taken off it i w
  2. Hey guys its Wk 11 Day 4, right now the regimen is as followed Duac ( Stopped on Wk 10, its irritating makes my face red and marks redder. It doesnt help on exsiting acne) Differin Gel (Doing ok on it, my breakouts are less and less and less severe by the week, week 1 i would get a 15+ pimple breakout now i get 1 or 2 and the exsiting ones are going away or healing) Doryx( Taken as usual, the size of acne is dramatically reduced as well) I added MAMA Lotion every other night to help heal the ex
  3. week 10 going to week 11, my forehead is 99% clear and my face is now 80% clear. my regimen is as follow Morning GNC Maximum Green Time Released Multi-V Duac (every other day) Aveeno clear complexion wash (twice) Anything i come out from exercise or when im in sweat mode i use only lukewarm water and no soap! Make sure you use lukewarm water for anything. Night Differin Gel .03% Mama Lotion (every other night) Lukewarm water wash
  4. its day 68 or 9 weeks 1 day i say as of now my acne has improved since i started, i have no painful cysts but i have moderate size papules, my breakouts are smaller, the temple area is 80% clear now. i implemeted the mama lotion but the red marks are killing me i think i need to change cleansers although i advocate the aveeno wash with salcycic acid hmm :/ anyways derm appointment on monday well see what happens i have about 6 weeks of doxy left 2-3 weeks of duac and 5-6 weeks of differin gel le
  5. Well i been on differin for about 9 weeks going on 10 and i must say that it has slightly improved my face but i will advocate for the accutane now i dont need to prove myself with another retnoid i been on them all i been on all the benzos i been on most of the antibiotics. accutane has work will work and will probably be the only that works for me so next derm appt its accutane or accutane i will sit there til i get my accutane back cause im not like some people who complain about 1 spot i got
  6. Well what can i say, im starting to see the change in apperance finally, although i have some acne my temple area is now 80% clear so i guess after almost 9 weeks im looking at a projected 3 month improvement span these retnoids take a long long time to work. but god bless this drug if it keeps clearing me up and keeping me clear. i say with anyone who has a mild to moderate form of acne with some cystic acne. give differin a try first for 3 months and if it doesnt improve ur face like its doing
  7. im finally starting to see a differince in DIFFERIN get it hahahaha, yeah its finally clearing me up but i have so many red marks and i dont know how to go about healing them faster. i have no dark marks and just 2 cysts right at the border of my neck and chin area so thats great news (they are both getting smaller)i wash 3x a day with aveeno clear complexion salcyclic wash which imo is the best wash in the market. it leaves ur face clean and smooth. Now i applied mama lotion but i dont like ap
  8. yeah as far as retnoids are concerned its all about patience im on week 8 and i say that i have relativley improved, there is less overall acne although i have some cysts, the back acne has stoped now im breaking out again in my forehead and some small breaking out under my chin. it seems that the skin has some sort of reaction to the retnoid like popcorn. until the last kernels pop u will keep breaking out. i hope that by week 12 i can see if this is going somewhere. i would like to know if the
  9. Day 58, 2 weeks til Derm Appointment/Derm change actually cause im going under my insurance allowed derms. But im going to be going in with the current backlog since May so they wont be working one me brand new and stuff. Anyways everything is somewhat at bay although im breaking out on the border between my shoulder and underneath my cheek on both sides. The rest has stayed relativley the same, nothing major to report. I have about 7 more weeks of Doxy left, and well see if the derm will want t
  10. Its Day 56 or 8 weeks, 16 More days til derm appointment, and i see slight improvement in the temple area, but the lithium withdrawl + change in cleanser and mama lotion probably will help. If i find myself that the regimen is gonna keep me the same within the next 2 more weeks i will def try to get on accutane i dont care cause i think 10 weeks is a good amount of time to see significant improvement.
  11. I dont want to be a pessimist on the other post that i wrote since i hate IB but i tell you that differin has kept my acne at bay and improved it slightly i say out of 100% it has improved it to about 25% this is week 7 going on week 8. And im on the duac/doxy fix as well. I mean ill be super happy if i get 2-3 small pimples max on my face i can live with that. Right now from my forehead down to my chin parallel on both sides affected but the cheeks arent even touched. And my acne was due to a r
  12. right now im on the 7th week so i notice some new stuff forming in the same areas they broke out and went away and the areas that are most hard to get rid of are the temple areas. my forehead was clear now some stuff came out of that place too. my derm appointment is in 3 weeks so that gives me 10 weeks to try the stuff. can i judge the progress after 10 weeks? i have about 6 weeks of doxy left and i use duac in the morning
  13. Yes thats what it seems to do , in the same areas where i started to have problems they seem to keep recycling in that area. Im going to keep differin til my next d-day appointment in 2 weeks cause i rather say i gave it 110% right now its 7wks/2 days and all i notice is that there is smaller sized zits but as i break out i clear up again pfft. I changed to the aveeno foam wash in the morning now and im taking b5/zinc, next derm appt will be in 20 days or just about 3 weeks which will give me a
  14. Hi guys, i just came back from the derm, although the last 3 days havnt been bad, i did notice that my acne is actually less severe (meaning no cysts and just small standard acne) BUT i have alot of red marks pfft. I got injected yesterday on my bigger pimples, non cysts. My derm suggests I continue the differin only because she says it takes at least 6 weeks to start actually working. But i have tons of red marks, anyone can suggest for me how to treat the red marks although i bought MAMA loti
  15. Update Day 46, 4 more days til Derm appointment, just got the MAMA Lotion which i heard great reviews, im applying as directed. It seems to tighten up your face quite good but being that on differin your face is thin it feels like Krazy Glue on your face. The breakouts continue and its always ironic to see that the same spots keep breaking out. I have a good amount of inflamed acne and not much standalone comodones. Now my best guess is that if i can dedicate myself 7 weeks to a topical with no