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  1. I'm having a flare up, and I'm sick and tired of this Aveeno calming face wash I've been using. What face wash has been good for you? My derm told me to start doing preventative care, since I'm almost finished, but I'm nervous to start going back towards acne products. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. My derm suggested Aveeno products. I've been using one of their moisturizers that helps with redness. Trust me. The oil is going to go away soon!
  3. I'm still in my first month, and holy crap! Talk about a HUGE difference! My face is nowhere near as oily, and I've had no new breakouts. It's amazing, and I'm completely happy. I get so many compliments, too. One girl the other day said I had a new glow to my skin. Now my chest/back/shoulders are a different story. I've had a few more breakouts with that. It seems like more "gunk" wants to come out.
  4. Just so ya know, I did ask if you were having sex or just telling your doctor you were abstenent. That's not assuming. Just asking.
  5. That's fine I'm pissing you off, but I'm not acting like I know you. I think every derm should push bcp while on this. Slip ups happen. If you're devoted then that's awesome, but a lot of people aren't. Some people say they're "abstinent" just to avoid the issue.
  6. Well...what are your benefits? That would be a good start. Of course you have Anthem Blue Cross, but they also have a bazillion different plans. You'll probably pay copays to your doctor's visits. It might be charged as a specialty visit which can cost more, but that all depends on your benefits. Your lab work will probably be applied towards your deductibles, and the script may cost as a generic script.
  7. Your "abstinent"? What's with the quotes? So do you have sex or are you just telling your doctor that? I think your derm should be pushing for you to use BCP. No offense, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Do you know the side affects Accutane can cause for a fetus?
  8. You can never have too many, can you? LOL A lil background on myself...I'm 25, 245lbs, and have been battling cystic acne for years. It took me a long time to find a derm that I liked and would work with me. Plus I went through a long streak of no insurance. It was tough. My last derm wouldn't listen to me and stuck me on 7-8 scripts a month. It was too much and nothing helped. Now I've found a new man in my life (ha!), and he's probably the best derm I've ever been to! I finally gave
  9. Okay maybe I'm just stupid, but a lot of this sounds so foreign to me.
  10. I'm very interested in doing a peel, but I'm not educated on how to go about it. Where do you purchase an at home kit from? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  11. Can you please tell me what kind of peel you used and where did you purchase it from?
  12. Hello. Brand new to this community. I was wondering if there are any over the counter treatments to help with acne scarying? Thanks!