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  1. i drank a cup once, but i assume i'd have to drink multiple cups a day to see a difference...? and some websites say to wipe the tea bag on your face...? it sounds odd to me, but has anyone tried it?
  2. i went to a psychiatrist and got lexapro, which has really helped! people like to say that meds aren't the answer, but sometimes they're actually the only one.
  3. i agree. it's about helping people. i'm sure there's at least one person out there who has it worse than you, but it doesn't matter. we're here to help eachother regardless. even a little acne can have a big psychological effect, so please.
  4. is that even normal? i thought it's supposed to come before, and the period's supposed to settle it down? what's causing it? can i prevent it? HELP! i'm breaking out again!
  5. it doesn't work when i'm breaking out (post-mentrual) but it works quite well after i've broken out on drying things up, etc. as long as i put lotion on afterward!
  6. i've heard that drinking chamomile tea might help acne (mine is mild; i most breakout after my period). has anyone had any luck? is it ok to add honey (my grandma sent us some hard-core, expensive honey that's supposed to "soothe all your ailments"...) ?
  7. how long do you leave it on as a mask? how long til you see a difference? any particular brands you like...? im quite interested
  8. Well, like many acne sufferers, they probably are ashamed. I mean, can you really expect them to be able to crack jokes about it in the public eye? I'm not even comfortable with that.
  9. i like what i'm hearing on this board and thinking about trying this regimen during the summer.
  10. hmm... i'm using lemons and i haven't found it to be very painful at all! unfortunately, i seem to be just getting into the purging process.