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  1. Anyone try these? http://www.murad.com/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?...;minisite=10020
  2. I just read the reviews for Murad and I am NEVER going to use that. those reviews scare the hell out of me. however, still wondering about SA vs. BP? How would a SA and BP regimen work? Like the skinID one...SA cleanser maybe, then BP on my face, followed by AHA?
  3. Let me start off by saying I've never used SA ever. I have mild acne, but I am getting fed up always having 1 to 2 zits always on my face. I've used Proactiv and Dans regimen + AHA and while I know my acne isn't severe at all, I really just want to achieve perfect skin. My question is pretty general, I just want to know anything about benzoyl peroxide vs. salicylic acid. Having never used it, I don't know if it will clear me up or make it worse. I filled out a skinID thing at skinID.com and i
  4. mine is also very runny. it slides right off my finger and leaves a watery residue.
  5. Senior year of high school and my freshman year of college I used proactiv at night, all three steps, and then in the morning I just applied BP to my face when I woke up followed by SPF moisturizer...didn't wash my face or even wet it just put BP on. Proactiv worked for me, I have mild acne and get maybe one big zit a month. I decided to switch over to the DKR when I got home for the summer (just due to cost, with DKR you get more for less) and it's working fine. Anyways I have been using the
  6. I use AHA night and morning and don't have a problem with it. Wasn't it recommended also to use AHA as a night moisturizer and then again in the morning as a substitute for BP?
  7. I accidentally dropped my AHA bottle and the top broke off. Anyone know if there are generic replacement heads that will fit on this bottle?
  8. alright cool, as long as it's the same stuff!
  9. I was just wondering why my DK moisturizer is in a blue bottle rather than the white one available in the store? I ordered the cleanser, BP, and moisturizer together and the BP and cleanser came in white bottles but the moisturizer is in a blue bottle with a different design.
  10. yeah I'm almost out of the proactiv BP. None of the "additional ingredients" are for clearing up acne though right?...they're just for scent?
  11. Hey guys I currently use Proactiv and don't really have any problems with it it except for the price. They give you a tiny I think 2 oz. tube of BP which runs out quick. Anyways, I want to order Dan's BP because its cheaper and you get more but I want to make sure it is exactly the same as Proactiv's because Proactiv works for me currently. So short question: is Dan's BP the same as Proactivs?