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  1. hey whats up gorgeous

  2. beautiful you are my dear

  3. will i scar???? huhuhuhu
  4. i got acne from over exfoliating my skin.. uhm my derm says i dont really need to change diet she says its not related.. hmmm... unless certain foods breaks me out..or keeps me oily, i said i dont think there is any... but im not sure...what do you think?? i dont know what not to eat!
  5. hey guys my mom bought me a clinique powder here http://www.clinique.com/templates/products...DUCT_ID=PROD559 now my question is.... is clinique product non-acnegenic? it has talc. and mineral oil/paraffinum liquidum/huile minerale-octyldodecyl stearate.tocopherol.lanolin alcohol.retinyl palmitate etc.etc.
  6. What I mainly meant was exfoliation using products with tons of irritants and chemicals in them(i.e. alcohols and witch hazel). And I also said exfoliating twice a day. Exfoliating a few times a week is fine and yes, helps your skin maintain health. Many people exfoliate two times a day, stripping their face of natural nutrients the skin produces. I did this and know many people who have done it that end up realizing it's not healthy to do it that often. The skin needs to take care of itself to
  7. hi im actually a good example of a person who over exfoliated their skin... i used a very drying soap for a month believing that it will remove my pimple which in turn aggravated my skin and i too am a perfectionist thats why i got this... huhuhuh my derm said that it stripped off my stratum corneum (top layer of skin) soooo im all sweaty at my temples and nose so fast now. or is it because of my regimen that im oily at those places??
  8. Its been 1 month and 1week since i last went to my derm She prescribed BP every morning then tretinoin at night. my pimples have flatten out but they are still a bit red. we usually meet every 2 weeks but she said that after our next session we could meet once a month. does hat mean im getting better??
  9. WAW YOU INSPIRE ME but im on topical medications... my derm says Oral meds are last resort. bravo to you