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  1. CarpeDiem9

    Finally clear!

    I began breaking out during the summer of 2006. I found acne.org in May of 2008. I am forever grateful.
  2. Aloha.how long did it take for the regiment to finally clear your skin. When was the first pic taken and when was the last one taken...Lisa

  3. Hello, I was wondering if any has or is using the Murad Clarifying Daily Supplements? How was your experience?
  4. Clinique makes cover up just for men called: M Cover Natural-looking cover hides dark circles, blemishes, shaving nicks. Helps neutralize redness. Blends invisibly into skin. Long-wearing formula is water and sweat-resistant, too. For all skin types. Apply to blemishes, nicks. Gently blend with fingertips. To hide dark undereye circles, dot on under eye area starting at innermost corner of eye (where skin tends to be darkest), stopping just before outer corners. Tap into skin until evenly ble
  5. Hi everyone. I just started the regimen last night and because I wanted to get started as soon as possible I went to CVS and bought the Neutrogena Spot Treatment suggested by this website. Since it is a cream and it is my first week I was wondering how much I should use. In Dan's video he used a full fingers worth so I figured that is equal to two squirts of his gel BP so I have been using 1/4 of a finger... is that good or should I be using more? I haven't had any irritation yet except for some