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  1. ive been forced to skip 2 days off accutane due to ignorance on my dermatologists part, and wanted to know if this will have any negatory effects on my treatment?
  2. does cantaloupe have high antioxidant levels?
  3. but what does that mean skin wise, im new to the hollistic stuff. while im here is wheat the same thing as gluten?
  4. i was actually wondering about this to, i thought the whole idea of having a better diet was to lower testosterone, but teens allready have tons of it, so wouldnt that make cutting out grain and sugar pointless? plus, i've always had a pretty crappy diet, im not going to lie, but i never had acne until i hit fifteen, so does this mean the my diet had no effect on it? and the anti biotics thing sounds interesting, if someone could elaborate on candida overgrowth/yeast infections id greatly ap
  5. so i have this zit that looked super ready to pop, but when i tryed to nothing came out, now its later on in the day and its super inflated with a huge white head on the top. Would it be better to just pop it now that its actually ready or wait it out?
  6. yeah, i gues si should be more worried about not eating enough while on the drug, than avoiding certain foods anyway. just to be safe though, which food group would you say was worse for acne, dairy, or grains?
  7. I'm on the accutane right now, been on it for a month, just starting my second, but i was wodnering if it'll really make a difference to change my diet so drastically. I'm practically starving myself because just about everything in my house has some sort grain, or dairy product in it. So is it even worth to try doing the diet now, or should i just say fuck it and not care.
  8. you probably irritated the crap out of your skin with all the over the counter products, but thats ok, accutane will clear everything up eventually. some people break out into their sixth month, so you just have to give it time. you might even need a second course. but if all of that doesnt work you could try going for it holistically, which seems to work with just about everyone that trys.
  9. but im finding it incredibly hard to do so, as everything i usually eat to gain mass is bad for your acne. but since eggs are actually good for your skin, i was wondering if an egg protien powder wouldnt be bad for acne like whey protien is?
  10. i use spf 30, but i think im going to step it up to something a little higher.
  11. i put sunscreen on and everything but i still managed to get sorta burnt, so i was wondering if there was anything i could do for it, if i should just leave it alone.
  12. i just got a few ingrown hairs in my pubic area. the little red pimple things with the hair coming out, and i'm in such a 'what the fuck' state right now. are these going to start popping up everywhere, or is this actually a normal thing? the only body acne i ever had was on my back if that helps any. I'm seriously freaking out right now.