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  1. Hi, I have a similar cycle. When I'm not on any birth control I breakout at ovulation and a little until period. Now I'm on Spiro (started at 25mg/day, on 50 mg/day for 2 months) and NuvaRing birth control. Seems to be helping, but breaking out at period. I can't figure out if it's due to the week without the ring or what. So far, Spiro is helping, but... not clear.
  2. Interesting topic. I just ordered AOBiome Mother Dirt products. I can't wait to try them. They are basically designed to populate the friendly bacteria on your skin. They won't make any claims about particular conditions, but it looks like the company is working on some kinds of acne specific probiotic treatments as well. Can't wait to see what they come up with. I can't wait for my mist to arrive.
  3. This dermarolling thread is already 9 years old (what!?!) but, in case anyone is searching for dermaroller info check out Sarah Vaughtner's website, Vaughtner Wellness I think. She sells dermarollers, derma stamps and needling tools (even creams, etc). All prices are very reasonable, and she provides tons of straightforward and detailed information as well. I have a .5 dermaroller from her and I use it with my PCA skin, as well as my Rx Differin. It is amazing for smoothing skin texture and hype
  4. Differin makes me crazy oily too. But, it stops my acne and clears my face beautifully. I've become great friends with blotting papers.
  5. I've changed a few things since then, but I still think all these products are solid!
  6. I've been using the roller (.5mm) with my differin, and immediate results are great! I mostly have small bumpy clogged areas and discoloration at this point though (red pih). I think it's basically just enhancing product penetration with such small needles, that was my goal. I've been sing Differin for 4 months already, with no peeling, just increased oiliness without acne - yay! I've tried using the Differin right after rolling, and I've tried Differin with rolling on top. I can't tell if ther
  7. Me too. Differin .1 & .3 both make me super oily. But, it's getting rid of breakouts and red marks, so I'm not stopping. I think when skin is super dry & flaky it looks worse. I've been using blotting papers several times a day. After working out it is the worst! I do wish I wasn't such an oil slick.
  8. Hey all, I'm getting the no!no! 8800, it's a thermal hair removal home treatment device. It seems like a lot of my acne is connected to hair, even though you can't really see it, it is too course. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone with acne prone skin has used this device and knows if it will help/hurt my breakout battle? Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Good advice. Remember that less is better, especially if your skin is sensitive or fragile from retinols. Start with the serum or HA and don't add any masks for the first few days.
  10. I love it too! I started using papaya soap a week or so ago and it is great! It makes my skin SUPER soft. I use it on face and body. I also like Sulphur Soap's sulphur & SA soap a few times a week (face), and in the shower on my body as often as I want. It is also inexpensive and AWESOME for exfoliation and acne. The papaya soap does more for red marks though. Papaya soap seems to lighten a bit, but I actually think it is more exfoliating and renewing for the skin; that's my theory anyway.
  11. vpm

    Hydrates and calms skin Works with any skin products or makeup Soaks in right away, no breakout Not cheap Small bottle (but you don't need much) Addictive :) Company description: "A highly moisturizing serum for replenishing hydration and brilliance. PCA Skin Hydrating Serum - pHaze 43 Includes a slew of hydrating agents, encourages collagen production, softens and conditions skin, decreases inflammation and neutralizes free radicals. Leaves skin younger-looking, healthier an
  12. My favorite is a serum, not a moisturizer, per se... PCASkin Hydrating Serum = pure awesomeness! Never too heavy, always absorbs well, works with all other skin products and makeup. Can be used under another moisturizer if your skin is super dry or chapped, or at night. Helps buffer prescription retinoids if your skin is having trouble adjusting. It isn't cheap, but a little goes a long way.
  13. I think you need a serum that will soak into your skin, and maybe a moisturizer on top too, especially at night. I LOVE PCASkin Hydrating serum, but it is on the more $ side. You could look for a Hyaluronic Acid serum. HA attracts water (super humectant) and helps hydrate the skin. Skin needs lots of water and some of the right oil, lots of people put on too much/too many oils when their skin is dry and that is no good, especially if you get acne. Increasing hydration is all about water. A
  14. Sorry, I don't have pics. I know it would be helpful, but I hate to see pictures of my terrible skin, so I avoid them. I should be better about that for the acne.org community.
  15. I just started using Vicco Turmeric Cream (comes with or without sandalwood oil, I have it with the sandalwood), it is AWESOME and it doesn't stain your face at all. It really helps with red marks and acne. I am loving it so far. The Sandalwood Oil is fine for acne, I think it is good for anti-aging, but it smells super strong. But, I don't mind smelling like incense, if I can get clear skin. It is cheap too, I got mine on Amazon.