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  1. http://www.ayurvediccure.com/acne.htm check it out...let me know if it works for . i am thinking to try n see if it works..
  2. is this true that viagra helps acne? can someone confirm this..does it helps sperms or hormones ?
  3. Miracle911

    i have a weird problem...i have a kinda normal acne...mean to say i know why it happenes ...and it happenes when i looses sperms....and it break out same day or the next day..it feels oily when i looses sperm..i try hard not to loose sperm....shyt happens at night, so is this a inbalance hormones ? if so..how can i improves it.. Because i went to my country n it was gone right away as i landed at the airport..so it keeps making think over n over...and while comming back..i just got the acne ba
  4. I mean what i belive is as soon as it was near the country it was all clear...i dont know...but it does change the feeling of the body...and i am sure some knows who went into their country or something...i mean this aint joke...product usually dont work cause they are made out of country and if they sell to other country it will not work...i mean all depends on how it weather give effects... Do more Research....i lost all hope lol....but i love my country ..it helpsme fast...no wonder they n
  5. Fastest way to get rid of acne is try putting Really HOT HOT water on ur acne where u have it..its gone burn but it u will see the result next day...thats right no joke..i had alot n i did that shyt n it did help but only Temporary n do some Exercise (Heavy Exercise). push up...running..lift heavy stuff...this is the fastest way... what i belive in acne case we ppl not getting something we should be...Masturbration causes acne...Stay away from porn...Sexual stuff..n also try Baking soda... p
  6. ok guys i just visit this site n thought i would find some details of what ppl be doing to get rid of acne...now alot of be wondering where is the miracle of acne..well miracle is not a product of acne ..but its my own reality story..i wont take ur much time... Well it happen when i had a acne in 2005...and i still have it...so where is the damn miracle..well it all started it when i had to go to my cousin wedding..and i had to visit my country...and i live in usa Nyc...and i was visiting my