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  1. Is the moderate to severe back acne regimen meant to be done twice per day like the face regimen?
  2. Is the bacne regimen meant to be done 1x or 2x per day?
  3. Thanks for the input but my acne has nothing to do with my diet and I am like 99.9% sure of this. I don't recommend anything about diet, I merely address the harms soaps and chemicals do to the skin. Do not wash with soap and do not put any bp on your back, only use water and see what happens. Haha. That's a joke right? I know for a fact my back would be a disaster. Trust me, I've gone without my routine several times for vacation, etc. and it is not pretty.
  4. Thanks for the input but my acne has nothing to do with my diet and I am like 99.9% sure of this.
  5. I have been using the Acne.org AHA and BP on my back nightly for over a year now. In the beginning, it was a lifesaver and my back was 100% clear. I would say that the acne started coming back in the past six months and I have not changed anything that I do. I layer the AHA and BP every single night and wash with the acne.org cleanser. I am getting pimples with this regimen now, and this past month was particularly bad with painful, hard blemishes that leave hyperpigmentation and will probably
  6. Hi! I have not posted on this board for a few years. Mainly because I am basically 100% clear, besides the odd pimple here and there. I am prone to closed comedones which are not product-related; my skin just forms them on it's own, like it does not know how to properly regenerate or something. Without acne meds, my face would be literally covered in hundreds of bumpy clogs. My current regimen which has been working for me for ~2 years is as follows: AM: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser CeraVe Cream o
  7. can i use this with bha? like finacea pm and bha am?
  8. Seabass


    Progess on Ziana
  9. Hey guys! I need recommendations for a sunscreen to wear for everyday use. Thanks!
  10. I use Ziana every day which is .025 Tret and Clindamycin. So like Retin-A plus Clinda or Duac minus BP, plus Tret! HAHA. It's a relatively new prescription but I've read some good reviews. I mentioned that I used it before for four months with success and had extremely clear skin, so I just pray it will work the same way this time. I'm on week 3, so I have a longgg way to go!
  11. I used BHA for about two months and it wasn't doing anything so I went on Ziana which is like Retin-A. I'm going to give this about 3-4 months to work before moving up to a higher strength.
  12. Yeah, looking back on it I have no idea why I was perscribed BP especially since I was using Benzaclin before that which made my face like fall off. I used it for two years with no problem but I think I developed a sensitivity to it from using it so long. Has your derm talked at all about moving up to a higher strength or anything?
  13. I didn't think there was a .3 I thought the highest strength was .1. Siouxsie-u are using Retin- a right not retin A micro?