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  1. Hi I am travelling to Singapore & Malaysia in Oct. I know that some medicines are banned. Is BP gel? Any other medicines? Cheers.
  2. Its strange. Not that I get it too bad anymore. Pretty mild to be honest. Just thought that at my age it would go completely but I just seem to get less than when I was younger.
  3. Ive had acne from 17yo to 28yo, 11 years! Any guys out there had it longer? I'm sure im on for a record! Is there a time limit for guys to stop getting acne? I know that women can get it later in life but was wondering if its the same for men?
  4. Tim, can you tell me the manufacturers and where to get one from? Also how much are they? Cheers.
  5. The word to learn to get rich is 'leverage'. Only real estate lets you leverage your investment, i.e. a bank will borrow you money to buy a property. You put down 10% deposit, the property goes up 10% in a year, you make 10% on the total borrowed sum, not on your deposit. Therefore your return on investment is 100% in the year. Great in a rising market, terrible in a falling market as your losses are accentuated. The $50/month strategy savings is good but if you are going to invest for such a
  6. I would like to add that acne scars become somewhat less of an issue as you get older. I'm now 28 and suffered from mild to severe acne when I was younger and it seriously affected me with women. It was gutting being a good looking guy with scars. I still get acne a bit. Anyway, for a 28year old guy with scars you soon end up forgetting about them. Scars just become less of an issue in your life. Im not saying that just to make people feel better its the truth. They have affected me greatly
  7. The most attractive girls are kind, fun, people orientated, and a bit innocent and submissive is sexy. I find kindness the best trait in a nice lady. I hate bitchy women who think they are something special. They are the biggest turnoff even if good looking. Always need knocking down a peg or two.
  8. Taken me 10years! My skin has actually gotten better since I stopped taking antibiotics.
  9. Geezer! The guy's got style. O how I wish i could go back 5 years to Uni........
  10. Been on antibiotics for a long time? Try this- My skin has improved after I stopped taking Tetralysal (oral) and clyndamicyn (topical) solution. I would recommend you give it a try. The issue is getting over the first month without the antibiotics in which you initially break out but since then my skin has become less greasy and less spoty.
  11. Doh just realised this has been posted before! So is it 50 or 100 posts to get access?
  12. Whatever happened to the lounge? Think it was called that, the funny forum where you had to type lizards in for some strange reason to get in! Is it still here?
  13. Chris Martin from Coldplay. Just need a girlfriend like his and I'll be a happy man!
  14. Yeah I cant spell! My GP and derm have said that long term use is ok. Im not so sure! I certainly arent going back onto them. Natural remedies from now on!
  15. Thanks for the links, appreciated. I definately think that antibiotics have not been good for me. Just glad to be off them. That is it now, no more. I have asked my derm and GP over the years if it is normal to take antibiotics long term, they always said it fine but Im not too sure! How does yeast in the body work? Ive not heard of that before. Thanks.